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David Ellenson

Neo-Confucianism,” write essays that reflect the richness contained in this comparative methodological approach that Katz has pioneered in the study of religious mysticism. In addition, the article by the renowned expert on Jewish mysticism Moshe Idel on “Conceptualizations of Tzimtzum in Baroque

Steve Mason

the West has imposed the category of religion upon them, creating a convenient menu of - isms —Confucianism, Taoism, Hin- duism, Buddhism, Shintoism—for the western observer. Fung Yu-Lan pointedly called his work a History of Chinese Philosophy (even then clarify- ing “philosophy”), though he well

Leora Batnitzky

the physical embodiment of God's revelation is a prerequisite for - and in fact condition of - the possibility of any human community. I need not reiterate Rosenzweig's comments abour Islam, Buddhism, or Confucianism to make it clear that it is certainly apparent that Rosenzweig does not believe that

Yuval Jobani

, India, and Turkey, modern secular movements reflect, in one form or another, the religious contexts—Confucianism, Hinduism, and Islam—out of which they sprang. 14 In fact, as C. John Somerville maintains, The collapse of secularization theory should be a stimulus to the study of secularization