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1971; and the annual Bibliografia Historii Polakie,j includes an additional 212 items from the rok Kopernika of 1973 alone. In the last decade the Copernican bibliography has continued to grow. In the face of such massive coverage, one might well ask in reviewing the present volume whether we need

Toncho Zhechev

of that time is to be impressed by the Copernican revolution in the national consciousness, carried out under the fresh impact of the dramatic developments. From this music, art, poetry, and prose is shouted the whole untouched naivete of patriarchal Bulgaria fal- ling into a precipice, perishing in

James P. Scanlan, Michael Gershenzon, Edna Lippman Lief and V. Pecherin

- tion of the Copernican theory.-TRANS. 231 was the daily routine of poor Father Pecherin during the twenty-three years he spent as chaplain of Mater Misericordiae hospital. It fell to his lot to care for the multitude of patients during the cholera and smallpox epidemics. His love was so great that