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René Zavaleta Mercado

; rather, after the incorporation of a different perspective on the question of historical time, the knowledge that the world would transform itself became inevitable, and is Copernican in that it is a discovery of something that exists. The substantive idea is undoubtedly that of a rupture with

Kant’s Perspectival Solution to the Mind-Body Problem

Or, Why Eliminative Materialists must be Kantians

Stephen R. Palmquist

chief philosophical focus of Kant’s pre-1770 (what I call his “pre-Copernican” 11 ) writings. 12 (What is left unclear by that study is just how Kant’s mature Critical philosophy allowed him to transcend his early dualist position.) And since then a number of excellent studies have been published

Martin Sahlén

disciplines are situated. Cosmology has undergone many historical transformations, for instance in the Copernican and Newtonian revolutions. Most recently, a new paradigm for cosmology was established with the advent of Einstein’s General Relativity, and the ground-breaking observations by Hubble. figure

Lisa Landoe Hedrick

: Ridgeview Publishing . Sherburne Donald W. 1983 . “ Whitehead, Categories, and the Completion of the Copernican Revolution .” The Monist. Vol. 66 , Issue 3 : pp. 367 – 386 . Stout Jeffrey . 2002 . “Radical Interpretation and Pragmatism: Davidson, Rorty, and Brandom on

Joseph Margolis

of pragmatism’s life, so as to serve the purpose of the first by pertinent inventions and adjustments tendered in the name of a loyal second. Hence, I tend to oppose the hybridizing of pragmatism and any of my subaltern disciplines. Kant’s “Copernican” turn was never a specifically “human” turn. It

Kirk Lougheed

. For instance, Kant gives exactly this explanation in the Preface to the Second Edition to the Critique . The new methodology he proposes will amount to a Copernican revolution in the field. Recall that he writes that if for a science “it proves impossible for the different co-workers to achieve