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look at numerous aspects of the complex dimension of the new reproduction techniques. In his philosophical discourse on the beginnings of life or personhood, “On the Concept of Pre-embryo: The Basis for a New ‘Copernican Revolution’” in the Current View about Human Reproduction, Maurizio Mori proposes

Carolyne Willow

Bonvin bemoan the absence of a “call for a Copernican revolution” in children’s rights, which could approximate Sen’s impact on economics (p.146). The capabilities approach, they believe, offers a ‘very useful’ framework for analysing how normative rights affect ‘children’s lived experience’ (p. 131

Henri de Waele

judicially cognisable at the interpretation of, or in rulings on the legality of those acts. 11 Do we then, in sum, come across any new ‘flesh on the bones’ of European citizenship here? True, there is little to suggest a Copernican revolution or any grand paradigmatic shifts. However, the devil may well be

Rosanna Belfiore

the previous relevant Conventions which it sup- plements) seems to better realize a quick and efficient cooperation with respect to evidence-gathering, even if it does not apply the principle of mutual recognition. 30) Salazar defines this provision as a “Copernican revolution”, since it addresses the

Frank Verbruggen

'confiscation' and 'receiving'. It sounded like a rather logical evolution and nobody seemed to perceive it as a Copernican revolution, trading in a perpetrator-centred for a proceeds-centred criminal justice system. The govern- ment ceaselessly stressed that it did not want to alter anything with regard to the

Frederick Mark Gedicks

failure. We must therefore make trial whether we may not have more success in the tasks of metaphysics, if we suppose that objects must conform to our knowledge. 50 According to Kant, we perceive only “phenomena” or appearances. 51 He used the metaphor of a “Copernican Revolution” to describe