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Herbert W. Basser

endeared instrument through which the world was created. 54 See H. Basser, “The Rabbinic Attempt to Democratize Salvation and Revelation,” in Studies in Religion 12 (1983), pp. 27–33. 55 Hecataeus of Abdera (c. 300 BCE ) remarks: “ They call this man the high priest , and believe that he acts as an

Nadav Berman Shifman

current transformations of Daat Torah in some pragmatic directions, see Benjamin Brown, Toward Democratization in the Haredi Leadership? The Doctrine of Da’at Torah at the Turn of the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries [Hebrew] (Jerusalem: Israel Democracy Institute, 2011), 106–111. 245 See Benjamin

Michael Zank

by few to a democratization of thought and speech, and from a society based on the “natural dif- ferences among men” to a society based on human rights, social 24 Moses Mendelssohn came to the same conclusion, but he made it public, which led to an inevitable erosion of the authority of halakhah

Martha Himmelfarb

The)ournalo!Jewish '.ought and Philosophy, Vol. 6, pp. 89-104 © 1997 Reprints available directly from the publisher Photocopying permitted by licence only "A Kingdom of Priests": The Democratization of the Priesthood in the Literature of Second Temple Judaism Martha Himmelfarb Department of

Jean Axelrad Cahan

public peace and the existence of society itself are not undermined. 96 Jean A. Cahan That is, we should democratize society, become tolerant of pluralistic trends in religious practice and social mores, rather than attempting to modify the concept of God to adapt to changing social conditions. As we

Patrik Hagman and Liisa Mendelin

Contemplative Prayer’, in Spiritus: A Journal of Christian Spirituality , 12:1 (2012), 43–62. 12 For an overview on political activism, see Rebecca Pointer, Tanja Bosch, Wallace Chuma, and Hermann Wassermann, ‘Civil Society, Political Activism and Communications in Democratisation Conflicts. A Literature

Vered Sakal

, see Sandra B. Lubarsky, Tolerance and Transformation: Jewish Approaches to Religious Pluralism (Cincinnati: Hebrew Union College Press, 1990), 101–118. 49 Kaplan, Judaism as a Civilization , 330–331. 50 Greeve Davaney calls this move a democratization of religion. See Greeve Davaney, “Beyond

Gabriel Levy

challenges the nature of media consumption to the core. 8 Judaism prefigured much of this movement. 9 Many scholars have noted that the requirement of male literacy in Judaism led to a kind of democratization of the Word. Each individual subject becomes the arbiter of God’s Word; it is bottom-up, not top

Chris Allen

factories and be the sexual slaves if we all get PhDs?” Democratizing knowledge production, pedagogy, and the Detroit Geographical Expedition and Institute’, Antipode , 39:1 (2007), 99–120 at 101 and 108–110. 134 Autonomous Geographies Collective, ‘Beyond scholar activism, 265. 135 Autonomous Geographies

Martin Kavka

Radical: Abraham Joshua Heschel in America, 1940 –1972 (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2007), chapter 6. 3 One might note that Heschel’s later claim in T he Earth Is T he Lord’s that Ashkenazic Jewry owed its vitality to “the democratization of Talmudic learning” (39) ampli fi ed. Another famous thinker