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Adolph Bolm’s Cinematic Ballet

The Spirit of the Factory

Lorin Johnson and Mark Konecny

Russes as stylized reinterpretations that had come to dominate ballet at the time. The demystification and democratization of dance by laying bare the device of how a dancer interacts with the accompanist allowed Bolm to ponder how dance and the new technologies of the machine age would interact. Bolm

Marcia B. Siegel and Millicent Hodson

was the one who really created counterpoint in movement, which is something that Cyril Beaumont actually says. Nijinsky, I think, democratized the space and gave us the idea of the whole corps having the responsibility of soloists. That is fundamentally what Merce Cunningham developed also. I had a

Degrees of Separation: Lester Horton’s

Le Sacre du printemps at The Hollywood Bowl

Lorin Johnson

considered to be high culture, resulting in an audience population that cut across distinctions of gender, class and ethnicity. 9 Thus, through its accessibility, the founders of the Bowl served their philosophical mission of democratizing the arts and lifting up the “virtues of the masses” through social

Stacking National Identity

The Lucrative Legacy of the Matreshka

Helena Goscilo

who collected folk artifacts, reappraised the traditions underlying them, and built creatively upon their key features. Such quasi-democratizing work was carried out with the aid of the local zemstva [self-governing councils], private philanthropists, and estate owners, who financed studios and


and literature. The rapid expansion (and by extension, democratization) of theater prompted a debate on the nature of theater in Russian society: was theater to continue to be "high" culture or would it become the province of the masses? Many arti- cles and lectures dealt with this issue: Aleksandr


their content, i.e., the element, as it were, of craft in art. This unconventional method of museum organization has been dictated to the Department by the burning desire of our age to democratize generally every aspect of life. This method, opening the doors, as it does, to the artist's studio, will