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Michael Mulligan

the Early Modern Foundations of the British Empire in India ( oup 2011) 14. 72 For an account of the development of the role of the Royal Niger Company see M Van der Linden, The Acquisition of Africa 1870–1914 (Brill Nijhoff 2016). 73 See D Lustig and E Benvenisti, ‘The Multinational Corporation

Luke Glanville

early modern period. However, whereas those states supporting ‘humanitarian intervention’ in the 1990s tended to rely heavily on ‘human rights’ language, those seeking to promote the ‘responsibility to protect’ in recent years, particularly with respect to Libya, have drawn not only on this language but

empathy and sympathy. Piirimäe has published a number of articles on early modern debates about patriotism, cosmopolitanism, and international peace, and is currently completing a book on Herder’s political thought. In recent years, her research interests have come to include late twentieth

surge rosters of humanitarian response specialists. Hannah Sparwasser Soroka is a research assistant for the Roméo Dallaire Child Soldiers Initiative and an undergraduate student in Early Modern Studies and Philosophy at the University of King’s College in Halifax, Canada. Timea Spitka

Manus I. Midlarsky

of the Jews: From the Congress of Vienna to the Emergence of Hitler , Volume 5, trans. Moshe Spiegel (New York: Thomas Yoseloff, 1973), p. 360. 39 Hillel Levine, Economic Origins of Antisemitism: Poland and Its Jews in the Early Modern Period (New Haven, ct : Yale University Press, 1991), p

Luke Glanville

a right (as distinct from a res- ponsibility) to enforce the performance of sovereign responsibilities is also an idea with a long history. Early modern jurists such as Jean Bodin and Hugo Grotius had provided for forcible action by neighbouring princes and states in response to tyranny and in

Eva Piirimäe

UN officials, individual states and the General Assembly. Luke Glanville’s important study has demonstrated the early modern origins of the concept of sovereignty as responsibility, 8 but it does not discuss the more recent debates on sovereignty, human rights and self-determination. Only a few

Consensus and Divergences of the Legal Definition of “CI-SHAN”

An Observation and Critique on the Legislation of The Charity Law of PRC

Jianyin Ma

Liang Huixing “From Early Modern Civil Law to Late Modern Civil Law: A Review of Civil Law in the Twentieth Century” Peking University Law Journal 1997 Vol. 2 19 30 Liu Sunan “Planning to Expand Power, Charity Law Draft Presenting Great Pressure to the Civil

David Horton Smith

Philanthropy We can readily see from the foregoing that although philanthropy seems to be a very simple term and concept, it actually has many complex elements. We can also see a progression from the ancient and early modern (Western) focus on altruistic motivation to a contemporary preoccupation with