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Jennifer Spinks and Dagmar Eichberger

This volume brings together some of the most exciting new scholarship on these themes, and thus pays tribute to the ground-breaking work of Charles Zika. Seventeen interdisciplinary essays offer new insights into the materiality and belief systems of early modern religious cultures as found in artworks, books, fragmentary texts and even in Protestant ‘relics’. Some contributions reassess communal and individual responses to cases of possession, others focus on witchcraft and manifestations of the disordered natural world. Canonical figures and events, from Martin Luther to the Salem witch trials, are looked at afresh. Collectively, these essays demonstrate how cultural and interdisciplinary trends in religious history illuminate the experiences of early modern Europeans.

Contributors: Susan Broomhall, Heather Dalton, Dagmar Eichberger, Peter Howard, E. J. Kent, Brian P. Levack, Dolly MacKinnon, Louise Marshall, Donna Merwick, Leigh T.I. Penman, Shelley Perlove, Lyndal Roper, Peter Sherlock, Larry Silver, Patricia Simons, Jennifer Spinks, Hans de Waardt and Alexandra Walsham.

Stephen Bevans SVD

Antje Flüchter and Rouben Wirbser (eds), Translating Catechisms, Translating Cultures: The Expansion of Catholicism in the Early Modern World . Leiden, Boston: Brill, 2017. Studies in Christian Mission, 52. viii + 372 pp. Price: € 120,00 (e-book). As one reads this book, the origin of which was a

Agustinus Batlajery

© Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden, 2009 DOI: 10.1163/187251609X12559402787272 Journal of Reformed Th eology 3 (2009) 345-368 Book Reviews John Witte Jr, Th e Reformation of Rights: Law, Religion and Human Rights in Early Modern Calvinism , CUP, Cambridge 2007, 344 pp., US$ 29.99 (ISBN

Kenneth Fincham

Catholic, and the relationship between these beliefs and the broader cultural and social world of early modern England. This collection of ten essays addresses a central issue of this new agenda among historians: the reality of parish worship in the century from c. 1558 to c. 1660. Queen Elizabeth i

Gerald Bray

366 Book Reviews / Ecclesiology 4 (2008) 356–391 John Witte, Jr. Th e reformation of rights. Law, religion and human rights in early modern Calvinism (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2007, 388 pp. £45($90), ISBN: 780521818421 (hbk); £15.99 ($29.99), ISBN: 9780521521611 (pbk). Having

David Bradnick

320 Book Reviews / Pneuma 30 (2008) 315-370 © Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden, 2008 DOI: 10.1163/157007408X346483 Moshe Sluhovsky, Believe Not Every Spirit: Possession, Mysticism, & Discernment in Early Modern Catholicism (Chicago & London: University of Chicago Press, 2007). ix + 374 pp., $45


Edited by Brian Patrick McGuire

The Companion to Jean Gerson provides a guide to new research on Jean Gerson (1363-1429), theologian, chancellor of the University of Paris, and church reformer. Ten articles outline his life and works, contribution to lay devotion, place as biblical theologian, role as humanist, mystical theology, involvement in the conciliar movement, dilemmas as university master and conflicts with the mendicants, views on women and especially on female visionaries, participation in the debate on the "Roman de la Rose", and the afterlife of his works until the French Revolution. Some of the contributors are veterans of gersonian studies, while others have recently completed their dissertations. All map the relevance of Gerson to understanding late medieval and early modern culture, religion and spirituality.

Ryan M. McGraw

Paul C.H. Lim, Mystery Unveiled: The Crisis of the Trinity in Early Modern England , Oxford Studies in Historical Theology (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2012), xvi + 488pp., $74.00, ISBN 9780195339468. This volume adds to the growing body of literature on the Trinity in the

Stefan Halikowski Smith

Alison Forrestal and Séan Alexander Smith, eds. The Frontiers of Mission. Perspectives on Early Modern Missionary Catholicism . Leiden, Netherlands, Brill, 2016. Pp. xi + 202. US$139.00. This is a worthwhile collection of nine essays on early modern missionary Catholicism proceeding from a