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Forming Catholic Communities

Irish, Scots and English College Networks in Europe, 1568–1918


Edited by Liam Chambers and Thomas O'Connor

Forming Catholic Communities assesses the histories of Irish, English and Scots colleges established abroad in the early-modern period for Catholic students. The contributions provide a co-ordinated series of case studies which reflect the most up-to-date research on the colleges. The essays address interactions with European states, international networking, educational frameworks, financial challenges, print culture and institutional survival into the nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries. From these essays, the colleges emerge as unexpectedly complex institutions. With their financial, pastoral, and intellectual networks, they provided an educational infrastructure that, whatever its short-comings, remained crucial to the domestic and international communities they served during more than two centuries.

The Future of Teaching in 500 Words or More

The Confucian Perspective of Education on “Self-Cultivation”

st Century of Teaching, much of the history of educational philosophy and sociology will repeat itself. One part of the history of educational philosophy that is set for a repeat is English early modern philosopher John Locke’s 1693 social philosophical thought on education, published as Some

I Know What I Want to Teach but How Can I Know What They Are Going to Learn?

Creative Science Teaching: An Uncertain, Emancipatory and Perturbing Endeavour


Ralph Levinson

people relate to the conceptual material that was underlying what you were trying to teach, and also gave it a form. And at the time in the history of science in the early modern period I was studying Latin…and as part of the course I decided to do a summer school in ancient Greek and we studied the

“Thirsty Women and Fuckboys”

Teaching Shakespeare with Memes

Kathleen Alves

. In this chapter, I discuss some of the difficulties I have encountered in teaching Early Modern poetry in the introduction to literature survey course (student engagement, underpreparedness, second language learners) at Queensborough Community College of the City University of New York, and the