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Authors: Charles Shannon and Leng Jian

:584), rather than emphasizing the interplay between adaptive needs, material limitations, and technological sophistication of the ancient tool-makers. The next phase in the traditional classiŽ cation scheme is the industry conventionally known as Acheulian. The oldest Acheulian industries are from East Africa

In: Journal of East Asian Archaeology
Discontinuities of a Postcolonial Religious Identity
Author: Iqbal Akhtar
The Khōjā of Tanzania, Discontinuities of a Postcolonial Religious Identity attempts to reconstruct the development of Khōjā religious identity from their arrival to the Swahili coast in the late 18th century until the turn of the 21st century. This multidisciplinary study incorporates Gujarati, Kacchī, Swahili, and Arabic sources to examine the formation of an Afro-Asian Islamic identity (jamatī) from their initial Indic caste identity (jñāti) towards an emergent Near Eastern imaged Islamic nation (ummatī) through four disciplinary approaches: historiography, politics, linguistics, and ethnology. Over the past two centuries, rapid transitions and discontinuities have produced the profound tensions which have resulted from the willful amnesia of their pre-Islamic Indic civilizational past for an ideological and politicized ‘Islamic’ present. This study aims to document, theorize, and engage this theological transformation of modern Khōjā religious identities as expressed through dimensions of power, language, space, and the body.

-Slovakia, Yugo-Slavia; Palestine, Iraq, and British East Africa. 32. Paul Ch’en, “The Treaty System and European Law in China: A Study of the Exer- cise of British Jurisdiction in Late Imperial China,” in Wolfgang Mommsen and J. A. De Moor, eds., Law and European Empire (New York, 1992); Britten Dean, “British

In: Journal of American-East Asian Relations