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Pratap Kumar, P.

South Asian connection with East African coast goes a long way. One point that needs clarification at the outset is that immigration to East Africa has been generally from the South Asian subcontinent. However, these immigrants are broadly referred to as “Asians.” Therefore, in East Africa, the

Sant'Ana, Helena

Asian merchants have been frequenting East Africa since the 10th century, motivated by exploiting gold mines and trading with the African coastal population, reaching its peak around the 14th century. In the 15th century, when Vasco da Gama first arrived in Mozambique, he discovered an extensive

Knott, Kim

smaller numbers in Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland) to migrant or twice-migrant parents originating from the Indian subcontinent, East Africa, or the Caribbean (Trinidad and Tobago), but include th...

Martin Ward

:339–369), 2 or as controversial as the £16,000 given by “friends of the CMS ” in Britain in 1891 to enable the Imperial British East Africa Company to extend its stay in Uganda for an extra year whilst waiting for the intervention and support of the British government (Stanley 1990:129). Nevertheless this