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-Literary Introduction (Philadelphia, 1985), pp. 285-86. 34 For example, the Pokot in East Africa only permit kidnapping unmarried women during the summer solstice ceremonial cycle. See F. Conant, “Frustration, Marriage Alternatives and Subsistence Risks among the Pokot of East Africa: Impressions of Co

Daniel C. Harlow

Roman periods survives chiefly in Christian man- uscripts.' For various reasons, the executor of early Judaism's literary estate was not Rabbinic Judaism but the Christian church.' These texts are preserved in the lingua franca of the Christian West (Latin); in the languages of Christian Egypt and East

The World of P

The Material Realm of Priestly Writings

Avraham Faust

Composition of the Pentateuch ( Jerusalem , 1994 ) (Hebrew). Sandhaus , D. and Kreimerman , I. , “ The Late 4th/3rd Century BCE Transition in the Judean Hinterland in Light of the Pottery of Khirbet Qeiyafa ”, TA 42 ( 2015 ), pp. 251 - 271 . Schmidt , P.R. , Iron Technology in East Africa

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the syconium to secure the necessary fertilization 2). However, modern research has shown that whilst in East Africa pollination for the ficus sycomorus is carried out by the fig-wasp ceratosolen arabims 3), this wasp does not occur in Egypt or Israel 4), and the fruit there is parthenocarpic, i

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Party. During the spring of 1930, Passfield was pre-occupied with another colonial issue: the treatment of the black natives by British white settlers in East Africa (Kenya). In June 1930, the Colonial Office published a White Paper on “Native Policy in East Africa.” It defined Britain’s duty under

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periodic circumcisions involving removal of more than the foreskin as a test of fortitude; the sheikh's brother Hasan, aged seventeen, was due to undergo the ordeal and told Murray he was not looking forward to it ("Circumcision Festivals in Arabia and East Africa", Man 24 [1924], p. 48). Here we have two

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proposal. The Sixth Zionist Congress in 1903 debated a fleeting offer from Britain for Jews to colonize a portion of East Africa. The proposal rent the movement into two factions: ‘territorialists,’ or those delegates who sought a refuge for persecuted Jews, whether it be in Palestine or somewhere else

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identified the paterfamilias. The Tallensi, West African farmers, insist that their patrilineal "clanship ties are a conse- quence of sacrificing together" .4 Among the Nuer, East African cattle herders, the word E. E. Evans-Pritchard translates as "agnates" means literally "people who share the meat of

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not used in the text as direct instruments of fishing. The use of the preposition ְ בּ with תֺונִּצ and its parallel and synonymous term תֺורי ִ ס points 21) For the importance of cattle among the tribes of East Africa, see B. Lincoln, Priests, Warriors, and Cattle. A Study in the Ecology of Religions

the Ž nal fall of Jerusalem are recorded, as well as Nebuchadnezzar’s siege of Tyre which, it is suggested, probably began in the summer of 588. Part II (chs 6- 7) examines commercial dealings between Israel and Tyre, and the expeditions on the Red Sea to Ophir (which is thought to have been in East