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Christopher Roy Zembe

Zimbabwean Asians identify Asian groupings they can establish intimate interactions with. Bhavesh emphasised the importance of past experiences by highlighting how a significant number of post-millennium Zimbabwean Asians found it difficult to establish close relations with Asians from East Africa. 80

Mussolini’s Mobilities

Transnational Movements between Fascist Italy and Italian Communities Abroad

Matteo Pretelli

in Africa. 46 After the proclamation of the empire, the regime aimed to instil an imperial consciousness in the Italian population and, in the late 1930s, set up projects of colonisation through the mobility of Italian families to Libya and East Africa. According to the the Secretary of the fascist

Imperialists without an empire?

Finnish Settlers in Late Nineteenth- and early twentieth-century Rhodesia

Timo Särkkä

outbreak of the First World War. Eriksson joined the British South African Police in 1915 and served as a Captain on the German East African front until his discharge from service four years later. In 1923 Eriksson bought a farm called Judsonia in Insiza, near Bulawayo, which remained his home until his

‘A Genuine Respect for the People’

The Columbia University Scholars’ Transcultural Approach to Migrants

Dirk Hoerder

Watching God (1937) provides an account of Haitians’ beliefs. She was forgotten until Alice Walker rediscovered her work in 1975. 82 Melville Jean Herskovits ( ba University of Chicago), the only student of Boas to concentrate on Africa, 83 researched social relations and power hierarchies among East

Sarah Heynssens

are used to refer to displaced children and their parents. 16 The territory of Ruanda-Urundi was confided to Belgium as a League of Nations Mandate after Belgian and Congolese troops had successfully defeated the Germans in Tabora (German East Africa, current Tanzania) during the Great War

Hyland Steven

War’, The Journal of Military History 64:2 (2000) 371–410; Daniel Rouven Steinbach, ‘Defending the Heimat . The Germans in south-west Africa and east Africa during the First World War’, in: Heather Jones, Jennifer O’Brien and Christoph Schmidt-Supprian (eds.), Untold war. New perspectives in First