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cit. Cf. for the context: Lord Lester of Herne Hill, A. (2002). Thirty Years On: The East African Case Revisited. Public Law 47, pp. 52–72; Tyler, I. (2010). Designed to Fail: A Biopolitics of British Citizenship. Citizenship Studies 14(1), pp. 61–74. 26 Tjebbes , op cit. Kochenov, D. (2019

In: European Citizenship under Stress

, and Cuyvers, eds., East African Community Law: Institutional, Substantive and Comparative EU Aspects. Leiden: Brill Nijhoff, p. 220. 16 Court of Justice, judgment of 19 November 1991, joined cases C-6/90 and C-9/90 Francovich , para. 30; Court of Justice, judgment of 5 March 1996, joined cases C

In: European Citizenship under Stress

raising questions about the difference or overlap between state- and nation- building, and each concerned in some way with the role and actions of the United Nations. Country reports include descriptions of East Timor, Cambodia, Afghanistan, and parts of East Africa. Thematic reports consider the

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, Goran Hyden (a long-time resident, scholar and practitioner of rural development in East Africa) has described peasant societies as follows: I The peasant mode gives rise to an economy in which the affective ties based on common descent, common residence, etc., prevail. We refer to it here as an

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Author: Edwin Egede

about developing some sort of maritime security strategy as regard the Area to avoid irreparable damages to security interests of States, interested parties and the environment. 1 This led to United Nations Security Council involvement. See Edwin Egede, ‘Piracy and the East African Region’ In Koutrakos

In: The Law of the Seabed
Author: Ugo Mattei

tribe lived as compared to those of the 26. The case is Attorney General v. Noti bin Ndugumbi (1954) 21 East African Cases Annotated, 43. See the discussion of this case as offered by Allott op.cit. note 8, 16. 27. Allott, op.cit. note 8, 17. 28. See Elias, "English Law and Africa", in Essays for Keeton

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Author: Marko Kmezic

scientific literature on emerging democracies. 11 Media research on fragile democracies has focused primarily on particular geographical areas, such as Asia, the Middle East, Africa, or Latin America. 12 Scholarly literature suggests that consolidation of democracy, including the media, is “much

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Author: Nasser Karami

East Africa, particularly in the Horn of Africa (Hamid 2009). Continued drought in the past 30–60 years in northeast Africa has led to landscape changes and diminished natural regeneration. The trend for Mesopotamia has been more or less similar. Iraq and Syria are the most prominent countries in the

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