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, Priests, Warriors and Cattle, A Study in the Ecology o f Religions (Hermeneutics, Studies in the History of Religions vol. 10), Berkeley-Los Angeles-London (University of California Press) (1981). viii, 242 pp. $32.50 \['The cattle cycle in East Africa'; 'East Africa: priestly cycle and warrior cycle

Madeleine Biardeau, Harrison Paul, I. M. Proudfoot, L. A. Schwarzschild, Kenneth G. Zysk, Masaaki Hattori and R. K. Barz

of Uttarakuru must suggest t h a t one epic composer saw this as an alien practice. Nor is the adduced corroborative material beyond reproach. When n o t drawn from ritual texts, it is sometimes dubious (e.g. Hsiian-tsang's heaps of skeletons, pp. 5 6 - 5 7 ) , difficult to apply (e.g. East African

J. W. De Jong

4 4 and H. F. Morris, East African (The Bahima Praise Poems), pp. 345-376. Apart from John D. Smith, all of them were members of the Seminar. The names of all the twenty- three members and their specialities are listed on page IX. In the general introduction A. T. Hatto underlines the importance o f