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Michael Morony

rich gold mines in Nubia that no one exploited lest they become known and the Muslims take them over. 122 It is debatable whether or not gold was exported from East Africa to western Asia during Late Antiquity. Gold was transported from the interior to the coast and traded to Persian and Umani

Elizabeth Lhost

Sultan : 209-212.) Fahad Bishara makes a similar observation about qazis ( qāḍī s) in East Africa in F.A. Bishara, A Sea of Debt: Law and Economic Life in the Western Indian Ocean, 1780-1950 (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2017): 199. On the transformation of other documentary forms and legal

Laura Steele

reveal. The paper ends with an oblique critique NIN 4_f3_104-132I 1/20/06 2:21 PM Page 117 118  .  19 Christoforaki frequently cites G. Hill, A History of Cyprus , vol. 3 (Cambridge: Cambridge University, 1948). 20 E.g., the Lugbara of East Africa associate men with the home (safety

Mahmood Kooria

, and East Africa, through the intermediation of diverse mobile communities of traders, brokers, sailors, scholars, slaves and saints. The Portuguese and the Dutch, who dominated the European interventions in Malabar between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries, imposed significant impacts on this

Erik Gilbert

center, and won major awards. This book is the culmination of years of work and represents a synthesis of his previous work on the East African coast and an extension of that work into the larger Indian Ocean world. It is, in effect, his magnum opus . In some respects, Dhow Cultures and the Indian Ocean

Anthony Reid

linguistic debates by proposing (I:550-1) that migrations of Maanyan (southeast Borneo) speakers to the Comoros and Madagascar followed several centuries after the first East African contacts, perhaps around the 5th-7th centuries CE, while there was regular exchange between East Africa, Madagascar, and the

Archibald Lewis

century 2), or the accounts of the great Ming voyages into the Indian Ocean between i4os and 1433 all of which can be supplemented by a good deal of archeological and numismatic 1) On such traditions and their unreliability, see N. Chittick, "The 'Shirazi' Colonization of East Africa",Journal of African

Philip L. Kohl

despite the rises and falls of world systems centered on the Indian Ocean (1, 383). As a linguist specializing in the languages of Madagascar, Beaujard understandably focuses on the peopling of Madagascar both from the East African coast and Austronesia. The constant mixture of peoples and languages

Claude Markovits

in relation to East Africa, where the dominant position of Indians in the commer- cial fi eld was even more in evidence, and where a developing struggle by Africans for independence created a real conundrum for Indian authorities, since the Indians often became, as well as the white settlers, a

Claude Cahen

-standing Indian design", and which can be traced to an area extending from East Africa to the middle Indian Ocean. The eastern Indian Ocean, on the other hand, is seen by Digby as dominated from 1100 to about 1500 by the junk, which is closely identified by him with Chinese shipping. Lewis in contrast talks of a