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Annalisa Christie and Anne Haour

most in demand at medieval Kugha, are all compelling illustrations. The general assumption is that East African cowries are of the M. annulus species and that these only reached West Africa relatively late. For instance, in Ghana, York (1972) – a thorough, albeit very brief, Africanist treatment of


Louis Champion and Dorian Fuller

bicolor . Through all time periods the representation of sorghum is similar with an average of 6% in every period. Sorghum did not originate in West Africa but arrived from East Africa. Its origin is still controversial. Genetic studies provide evidence of an African centre of domestication. For a long


Anne Haour, Sam Nixon, Alexandre Livingstone Smith, Nicolas Nikis and David K. Kay

characteristic of knotted strip roulette impressions is a near-systematic anomaly, resembling a series of figures of eight, which is due to the geometry of the roulette. Although such impressions are amply documented in the East African archaeological record, we are not convinced that these “true” knotted strip


Moritz Kinzel

island of Bahrain. Wood and Palm Fronds In the architecture of the late 18th century various building elements were made from imported timbers and local palm trees. 12 Various wood species are attested which show trade links to East Africa, where most of the so-called danshal is coming from, and to