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Geoffrey C. Gunn

which even the Portuguese and Dutch were obliged to defer, I am also offering confirmation of Frank’s view that an Asian world economy had long been operational. Eurocentrism and the theory of European exceptionalism, including Wallerstein’s sense of a “long sixteenth century” leading to a long European


Jim Glassman

the savage bombing campaign in Vietnam. But Rostow’s version of Eurocentrism and racism could sit rather lightly with many of the Global South ruling elites he was courting – and who themselves typically supported the bombing of Vietnam – given his assessment of their historically crucial role and

Robin S. Gendron

period. The book’s purpose is to correct the Eurocentrism that Price argues has marginalized the importance of the Transpacific and its peoples in Canadian history and to challenge the comfortable traditional narratives focussed on Canada’s emergence as an internationalist Middle Power dedicated to

Jooyoung Lee

studying the humanities in general, and Eurocentrism. Th ese have been, however, pre- sented merely as assumptions, without clear evidence or coherent analysis. Furthermore, only the South Korean context was considered. By failing to refl ect on the peculiar nature of the relations between the United States

Charles W. Hayford

us joined the field in order to get away from Eurocentrism, but their advice remains valid. As May noted, “Ameri- cans and Asians do not, however, have any understanding of one an- other comparable to the understanding—faulty though it often is—between Americans and Europeans.” 1 A major challenge

James L. Hevia

Costa Rica”? 19 From a realist position, concerned primarily with power as might, and hence a focus on interna- tional relations as a balance of power, what indeed? 20 Womack might have added that this view is not only Eurocentric, but that Eurocentrism is foundational to IR theory. It is a Eurocentrism

Which Mirror Is ‘Truer’?

Portrayal of the Vietnam War in Apocalypse Now and Cánh Đồng Hoang

Nguyet Nguyen

, and Stam Robert . Unthinking Eurocentrism: Multiculturalism and the Media London ; New York : Routledge , 1994 . Steeves H. Leslie. Gender Violence and the Press: The St. Kizito Story . Vol. 67 , Athens, Ohio : Ohio University Center for International Studies , 1997 . Suid

Jinim Park

, I did so in or- der to challenge the Euro-centrism which persists even in the act of resistance to it by pointing to the presence of certain colonial groups such as the Japanese and Koreans who are absent from most colonial discourses. 13 In his article “Representing the Colonized,” Said refers

Charles Hayford

the historic wrongs involved in Euro-centrism, globalization, and racial domination. China Studies was first attacked for Cold War hostility to Mao, then accused of shilling for him. Still, graduate school professionals did not abandon theory as the basis of their right to speak. If anything, theory

Think Tanks and a New Order in East Asia

The Council of Foreign Relations and the Institute of Pacific Relations During World War II

Dayna Barnes

and council members who were often without recourse to second opinions on events in East Asia. Because the efforts of the Institute of Pacific Relations focused primarily on Asia, it did not struggle with the bias of Euro-centrism or lack of Asia experts as did the u.s. government and the cfr