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Alexander Keese

regional analysis in Africa is able to tackle the problem of Eurocentrism in the written sources, these sources are crucial for new, comparative designs. This is not at all a step back into conservative views on methodology and source material. It needs to be seen as a re-evaluation of sources for

John Laband

range of regional military histories. They listed African military history as one of those with the potential to break free from the prevailing Eurocentrism—and there they left it without further discussion, still a Cinderella whose attributes remained to be recognized. 3 Since then, as is


Edited by Toby Green and Benedetta Rossi

continues to be, embedded in political processes and inequalities today. References Austin Gareth , “ Reciprocal Comparison and African History: Tackling Conceptual Eurocentrism in the Study of Africa’s Economic Past .” African Studies Review 50 , no. 3 ( 2007 ): 1 – 28 . Barber Karin and Paulo