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Oili Pulkkinen

progress. 30 Columbus had raised Europe out of the darkness into which it had descended after the fall of Rome. Politically, Europe constituted a single unit in which rulers and princes competed for power and the existing states had been created out of this competition. 31 Sometimes, Euro-centrism

Shaden M. Tageldin

glory, beyond [any] mention thereof […] Abū Shādī “Taḥiyyat Tājūr” 323–24 Whereas Abū Shādī’s 1928 essay on world literature would put freedom in the mouths of English writers and the English language, his 1926 encomium to Tagore gently begins to unseat Eurocentrism as the measure of comparison and the


Andrew Weeks

, America, Scotland, and other areas of specialization. To critics on the left, his supranational approach smacks of Eurocentrism. Greater honor for Spinoza means less for other presumed pioneers of modernity. In evaluating a work of this size – the first three volumes comprise over 2,500 pages with more on

Pheng Cheah and David Damrosch

situated the modern capitalist world-system and contemporary globalization in terms of the complicity between Eurocentrism, colonialism, and modernity and then attempted to reconceptualize the world by drawing on non-European cultural and religious traditions, for example, the Chinese concept of tianxia

Translator Ksenija Vraneš and Branko Vraneš

emancipation. Danilo Kiš (1935–1989), one of the founders of Serbian postmodern fiction and a globally acclaimed author, delivered the talk Against the spirit of Eurocentrism in 1978, at an award ceremony in Hungary. In his address, Kiš offers his own perspective on René Étiemble’s famous 1964 ICLA

Xuedian Wang

intellectual challenge. The second challenge with which a Confucian revival has to come to terms is Eurocentrism. The challenges of Eurocentrism are not new, and the academic world, in China as well as in the West, wrestled with this issue quite early. In China, however, the issue has taken an existential

Zhang Jinguang †

For more than half a century, most theories and methods regarding the study of ancient Chinese society have been imported. Some came directly from Western academic discourses on the basis of Euro-centrism, while some were imitations of Western academics. For example, the neat and systematic

Ethiopian Intellectual History and the Global

Käbbädä Mikael’s Geographies of Belonging

Sara Marzagora

, he mobilizes the narrative of Ethiopian historical exceptionalism against Western depictions of Africa as outside and devoid of history. Käbbädä’s attempt at skirting Eurocentrism led him to other geographies of modernity, all the way to East Asia. Japan was for Käbbädä an excellent example of how