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Author: Shane Moran

Mau Mau rebellion. Ngũgĩ’s proposed solution to the ills of colonialism has included a completely socialised economy, collectively owned and controlled by the people. 3 Referring to the difference between novel-writing and essay-writing, Ngũgĩ has characterised the former as immersing the writer in

In: Historical Materialism

. With experience repressing the Mau Mau insurgency in Africa, Henderson was a Scotsman recently arrived at the island. This was to be the first of many meetings between Hesham and Henderson, who would then become notorious throughout Bahrain for his introduction of torture techniques for 30 years

In: Historical Materialism
Author: Jairus Banaji

–28. Kairys, David (ed.) 1998, The Politics of Law, A Progressive Critique , Third Edition, New York: Basic Books. Kanogo, Tabitha 1987, Squatters and the Roots of Mau Mau 1905–1963 , London: Currey. Kant, Immanuel 1996, ‘The Metaphysics of Morals’, in Practical Philosophy , edited by Mary J. Gregor

In: Historical Materialism
Author: Mark Jay

became to prevent the rise of a revolutionary black movement; in the FBI ’s words, to ward off a domestic ‘Mau Mau’. Mostly, this involved targeting the BPP , a group that J. Edgar Hoover in 1969 declared to be the ‘greatest threat to the internal security of the country’. The FBI launched 233

In: Historical Materialism
Author: Michael Cowen

in Kenya's Central Province, the Kikuyu setting for the 1952-6 Mau Mau revolt, the most significant episode of insurgency against British rule in Mrica. In the aftermath of the revolt, under counter- insurgency emergency conditions, the administration vested individual freehold property tide on

In: Historical Materialism
Author: Amadeo Bordiga

, the workers will be out of work and won’t be able to buy a pound either. This, en bref , is why Black Friday is still to come, and blacker than ever before. One solution is to stuff with bread the peoples that until now have eaten millet, rice or bananas. (Who can say that the Mau Mau get

In: The Science and Passion of Communism

charismatic religious leaders with roles that could be defined as ‘political’. At the end of the 1950s, Max Gluckman was working on the rebellion of the Mau Mau in Kenya as a local form of emerging anticolonial movement, while colonial authorities still interpreted their ritualised or uncontrolled expressions

In: Revisiting Gramsci’s Notebooks