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Dian Murray

bullion from Spain and slaves from Madagascar. However, Warwick’s exploits were legitimized as an imperial expansion of the Protestant Reformation, and in 1642, this one-time freebooter became Parliament’s chief admiral, in charge of an imperial fleet. Despite the ultimate failure of both Virginia and

When Outsiders Tell the Tale

Narrating Haiti’s Earthquake Catastrophe

Myriam J.A. Chancy

which Wilentz is lost or finds herself again. If anything, the passages in which she refers to the impact of the Haitian Revolution on the (re)formation of the United States (pp. 107–12) and on the disparities between rich and poor within Haiti, and a chapter entitled “Building Back Better,” on Camp

Connecting the Mediterranean and the Atlantic

Forms of Slavery in Naples and Rome (1750–1850)

Giulia Bonazza

transmitted their surnames to the baptized slaves. The Casa dei Catecuemeni e dei neofiti was established in 1543, at the height of the Counter-Reformation period, and a Rector Cardinal who directly referred to the Vicar Cardinal guided it. Its aim was to convert souls and lead them to baptism. The Vicar

Seymour Drescher

, across the Atlantic, it was “the greatest miracle of the age.” For Frederick Douglass, Americans had “discovered, in the progress of the antislavery movement, that England’s passage to freedom is not through rivers of blood … . What is bloody revolution in France is peaceful reformation in England. The

Cohen, Theodore

Japanese occupation. U.S. occupation policy developed, he believes, from a struggle between "New Dealers" in both Japan and the United States, who favored a radical reformation of Japan and conservatives,...