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Atif Khalil

Qur’anic verse which, like an arrow, pierces the soul with regret and a desire for reformation. But for the individual himself, the event is powerful enough to force an existential reorientation which inaugurates the unfolding of a new destiny. Another characteristic of these conversion narratives

Muhammad U. Faruque

dichotomy between Sufism and the Shariah is rather misplaced or irrelevant as the following quote by Walī Allāh’s demonstrates: The sacred arrangement ( tadbīr ) of the Shariah with regard to the foregoing is developed in two directions. The first involves effecting a reformation ( iṣlāḥ ) through good

Herman L. Beck

Ministry of Religious Affairs. A pivotal role in this reformation was played by Harun Nasution (1919–98), an influential and controversial leading Indonesian intellectual who became rector of the iain Jakarta in 1973. He wanted to develop and stimulate the morality of the students by introducing the