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Storing, Archiving, Organizing

The Changing Dynamics of Scholarly Information Management in Post-Reformation Zurich


Anja-Silvia Goeing

Storing, Archiving, Organizing: The Changing Dynamics of Scholarly Information Management in Post-Reformation Zurich is a study of the Lectorium at the Zurich Grossmünster, the earliest of post-Reformation Swiss academies, initiated by the church reformer Huldrych Zwingli in 1523. This institution of higher education was planned in the wake of humanism and according to the demands of the reforming church. Scrutinizing the institutional archival records, Anja-Silvia Goeing shows how the lectorium’s teachers used practices of storing, archiving, and organizing to create an elaborate administrative structure to deal with students and to identify their own didactic and disciplinary methods. She finds techniques developing that we today would consider important to understand the history of information management and knowledge transfer.

Benjamin Hill

Mirandola, and Gianfrancesco Pico in the third and final edition of The History of Scepticism (2003), he never modified the contours of his 1957 narrative, namely that modern skepticism began in Pyrrhonian discussions of the criterion during Reformation debates, which especially took off after the

Luiz Eva

with what he calls Montaigne’s “vital experience,” which comprises Montaigne’s views on the Reformation, religious war, juridical thought, relativism and other cultures, costume, ethics, and self-knowledge—themes that are viewed from the perspective of determining Montaigne’s understanding of what is

Mark J. Thomas

with classical philology and Reformation theology: in the case of these disciplines, hermeneutics has to do with interpreting the meaning of texts, but the debate about early music has to do with performance. Gadamer, however, does not view this difference as decisive. The performance of a Mozart piano