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Itzkowitz and Bockelman

cichlid fish, Archocentrus nigrofasciatus , we examined whether the loss of a mate prior to spawning influences pair re-formation and reproduction. We manip- ulated an individuals’ “readiness to mate” by removing its mate within 24 h prior to spawn- ing and immediately replacing it with a similar sized


North-Holland 1975 Ra'anan M. The systematics and ecological evolution of the genus Melanopsis in Lake Kinneret. Ph.D. thesis, Hebrew Univ., Jerusalem. English summary 1984 Ridley M. Evolution and classification: the reformation of cladism Longman London 1986 Selander R.K. Smith M


respiration of bryophytes to desiccation. Can. J. Bot. 1977b 55 1195 1200 Gwozdz E.A. Bewley J.D. Tucker E.B. Studies on protein synthesis in Tortula ruralis: polyribosome reformation following desiccation. J. Exp. Bot. 1974 25 599 608 Krochko J.E. Bewley J.D. Pacey J. The effects of rapid and very slow

Lance Strate

the twentieth century), that is to say, the Bible as it was known to medieval scholastics and the pre-Reformation reading public. It is almost as if this book started out as a more specialized study, but the author came to realize the topic’s broader appeal and relevance, and incorporated more general

N.I. Syed, R.L. Ridgway and A.G.M. Bulloch

been developed from Helisoma and Lymnaea to study axonal regeneration and reformation of synapses in the nervous system, sprouting from intact regions of neu- rons, and neurite outgrowth and synapse formation between isolated neurons in vitro (for previous reviews see BULLOCH, 1985; BULLOCH & JONES

H. Barnes and Margaret Barnes

), the more rapid fall would seem to reflect differences in organization, which pre- sumably allow more rapid and more immediate tissue growth in B. balanoide.r. 65 This may be related to the fact that there is no re-formation of a massive cal- careous exoskeleton associated with the soft parts of

Ana Petriella and Liliana Sousa

-104. — — & — —, 1982a. Rosette glands in the gills of the grass shrimp Palaemonetes pugio . I. Comparative morphology, cyclical activity and innervation. Journ. Morphol., 171 : 41-67. — — & — —, 1982b. Rosette glands in the gills of the grass shrimp Palaemonetes pugio . II. Premoult ductule reformation: replacement of

Michael W. Baker and Roger P. Croll

identified neurons. Science 226: 561-564. JANSE, C., K.S. KITS & A. J. LEVER, 1979. The re-formation of connections in the nervous system of Lymnaea stagnalis after nerve injury. Malacologia 18: 485-488. LIPTON, S.A. & S.B. KATER, 1989. Neurotransmitter regulation of neuronal outgrowth, plasticity and

Michael C. Appleby

group dispersed for the rut; after the rut, reformation of the group in- volved fighting in some dyads, but the hierarchy was then stable again through the winter. In January to April 1978, 1902 agonistic interactions were recorded in- volving 66 stags in hard-horn. These individuals were arranged into

Congli Wang, Steven Lower and Valerie M. Williamson

volatile pheromone that accumulates under the coverslip or parafilm. The rapid reformation of balls after melting suggests that signal or perception changes are involved. That the balls represent a protective state that occurs in the soil as the nematodes await detection of a root tip is