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For workers on plant taxonomy, the Siberia and Far East Herbarium in the Komarov Botanical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences is one of the most important herbaria in the world. The herbarium contains collections from Siberia and the Far East including the Yenisei, Altai, Sayan, Lena, Baikal, Dahuria, Ussuri, Amur, Sakhalin, Okhotsk and Kamchatka regions.

Irina Busygina and Mikhail Filippov

the size of market. 66 For instance, the unique energy-rich Sakhalin region at the Russian Far East is seen as a new gateway for the growing world demand for natural resources, and one of its most valuable Russia’s geographic assets – first of all in terms of its trade, energy production and

Weakened Machine Politics and the Consolidation of a Populist Regime?

Contextualization of the 2016 Duma Election

Atsushi Ogushi

. Since 2015 at least five serving (or six if one ex-regional governor is included) regional governors have been arrested. 38 Among them, the Sakhalin case was widely reported. The former governor, Aleksandr Khoroshavin was arrested on 4 March 2015. Since he assumed the governorship in August 2007

Regional Governors Navigating through Putin’s Third Term

On the Wave of Patriotism through the Troubled Waters of the Economy

Gulnaz Sharafutdinova

governors of Sakhalin, Komi and Kirov regions (Khoroshavin, Gaizer and Belykh), have all been arrested and charged with bribery (in cases of Khoroshavin and Belykh) and the misuse of public funds and forming a criminal network to plunder the state in case of Gaizer. Most analysts have recognized these

Gulnaz Sharafutdinova

Russian defense chief tied to corruption scandal,” Washington Post , 6 November 2012 (accessed 30 March 2018). 3 Khoroshavin (Sakhalin), Belykh

Derek Hutcheson and Ian McAllister

Province and Yamalo-Nenets. At the other end of the scale, his absolute support was lowest in Primor’e, the Jewish Autonomous Province, Irkutsk, Omsk and Sakhalin, where three out of five voters either voted for another candidate, or did not vote for anybody. Table 4 shows the predictors of support

Dov B. Lungu

official Soviet irredenta after the resolution of the Soviet-Japanese conflict over the island of Sakhalin in the following year.8 ? At the end of 1924, the Tass agency issued a communi- que denying that in the past the Soviet Union had made proposals to Romania acquiescing to the loss of Bessarabia in