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Viktor Baranov, Trond Andersen and Evgeny E. Perkovsky

Introduction During an expedition to Sakhalin in 1972 by the Paleontological Institute, Academy of Science of the USSR, numerous amber insects were collected ( Zherikhin 1978 ). The amber was found on the beaches of the Okhotsk Sea near the Starodubskoye village in the Dolinsky district (South

Takehiko Nakane and Anders N. Nilsson

A revision of the Hydroporus species (Coleoptera: Dytiscidae) of Japan, the Kuril Islands, and Sakhalin ANDERS N. NILSSON and TAKEHIKO NAKANE The six species of Hydroporus Clairville recorded from Japan, Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands are revised. The following two syn. n. are established


I. Löbl and D. Löbl

: FE (Sakhalin, Kuril’skiye Ostrova) JA reticulatus Brinck, 1940 : 37 smaragdinus Régimbart, 1891b : 547 [= Régimbart, 1892b : 682] A : YUN ORR substriatus Stephens, 1828b : 97 E : AB AL AR AU BE BH BU BY CR CT CZ DE EN FI FR GB GE GR HU IR IT LA LS LT LU MC ME NL NR NT PL PT RO SB SK SL SP

Tomohide Yasunaga, Sachiko Akagi and Seidai Nagashima

-temperate zone in northern Japan and Sakhalin and S. takaii sp.n. currently presumed endemic to Amami-Oshima Island of the Japanese Ryukyus. An additional new species S. ramduwalae sp.n. is described from Nepal. Of three little-known Stenotus species described from Taiwan, S. insularis Poppius is

Viktor Baranov and Evgeny E. Perkovsky

Introduction Numerous amber insects were collected in Sakhalin by an expedition from the Paleontological Institute Academy of Science of USSR in 1972 ( Zherikhin, 1978 ). Amber occurs in Okhotsk sea beach near Starodubskoye village, Dolinsk district near the Naiba River mouth. The same fossil

Frej Ossiannilsson

: NW Germany. flavovirens (Gilette & Baker): USSR (Kurile Is., N. Siberia [Taymyr], central Siberia [Yakutsk]); Nearctic region. karafutonis (Matsumura): Korean Peninsula, Mongolia, USSR (Kurile Is., Maritime Territory, Sakhalin). Key to Palaearctic Lebradea (ô g ) 1. Pygofer lobes with a distal

K. Yu. Eskov

Populus, 29 V I I I.1986 (leg. YM); 1 Q - same biotope, 9.VII.1986 (leg. YM); 10' - same biotope, 6-16V11.1983 (leg. VA); 2 Cf', 3 Q - Sakhalin Area, Poronaisk District, upper Rukutama River, 17-27.IV.1988 (leg. AB). 155 Figs 3-8. Trichoncus hyperboreus sp.n.: (3) male palp, ectal view; (4) embolic

M. Potapov and S. Stebaeva

. USA, Japan, USSR (Sakhalin). - PAO not subdivided, rarely with I or 2 weak listels (Fig. 13 right) .......................... 2 2. Eyes absent. Abd.IV with 3 + 3 lanceolate sen- silla in p-row .................. stebajevae Rusek USSR: Altai, Kuznetsk Alatau, West Sayan, South Ural, East Kazakhstan

Ernst Torp and F. Christian Thompson

(Stackelberg) I d 2 y); Ostrov Sakhalin, Cape Smirnykh, 19 July 1952, on Spirea (N. Violovitsh) ( 1 d); Ussur Kray, Tigrovoy, near Suchan (=Partisansk), 11 I June 1927 (Stackelberg) ( 1 d); Yakutsk, estuary of river Vilyuy, 8-16 June 1875 (Che- kanousky) (1 d); Primorskiy Kray, s. Troitskoye, Lake Khanka, 3

Andrey Vladimorovich Sharkov and Peter Bonde Jensen

. Perepelitsa, (holotype, ZIAS; antenna and forewing of holotype on slide no. 1139). Other material studied: USSR: Sakhalin, road between Kholmsk and Yuzjno-Sakhalinsk, Chistovodnoe, 1 Q , 18.viii.1978, leg. N. Storozheva. Biology: Parasitoid of Luzulaspis bisetosa Borchs. (Coc- cidae). Distribution: USSR