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LEONARD A. POLAKIEWICZ (Minneapolis, MN, USA) CHEKHOV'S THE ISLAND OF SAKHALIN AND DOSTOEVSKY'S NOTES FROM A DEAD HOUSE AS PENOLOGICAL STUDIES The Island o f Sakhalin: From Travel Notes (Ostrov Sakhalin: Iz putevykh zapisok), Chekhov's longest work and, according to D. S. Mirsky, "an impor

Leonard A. Polakiewicz

LEONARD A. POLAKIEWICZ (Minneapolis, MN, USA) WESTERN CRITICAL RESPONSE TO CHEKHOV'S THE ISLAND OF SAKHALIN Since its publication in 1893, The Island of Sakhalin: From Travel Notes, 1 Chekhov's monumental nonfiction work, the product of his famous odyssey . to the penal colony in 1890, has

William Richardson

, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1995. xxi, 225 pp. $15.95 (paper). Bruce Grant a d d r e s s e s several significant i s s u e s in this ethnographic, political, and historical account of o n e of the indigenous peoples of t h e Russian Far East, the Nivkhi of Sakhalin Island. He c o n s i d e r s

Marjorie L. Hoover

by a lone, impoverished puppeteer on foot in back streets and courtyards. Though Kelly finds the performances wide-spread, some even in prison camps and on the island of Sakhalin, most occurred in the two largest cities. Though a glove puppeteer could perform alone, he was better off with two

Irina Busygina and Mikhail Filippov

the size of market. 66 For instance, the unique energy-rich Sakhalin region at the Russian Far East is seen as a new gateway for the growing world demand for natural resources, and one of its most valuable Russia’s geographic assets – first of all in terms of its trade, energy production and

Radislav Lapushin

gaze of others" (p. 6) that accounts for Dr. Chekhov's irrational denial of his illness and, consequently, refusal to be examined by another physician. The journey to Sakhalin is motivated by the "drive to see" and portrayed as a "triumph of the gaze": from the posi- tion of the observed, Chekhov moved

Anne Frydman

, then followed by Chekhov's j o u r n e y to the Sakhalin penal colony, whereas the story incorporated many o f his experiences from the ship voyage home afterward (and was published in 1892). The rift in his friendship with the publisher Suvorin over the Dreyfus affair is seri- ously minimized. However

Sibelan Forrester

"Chronology" for the life and work that makes up an early appendix sounds cockeyed a few times. The publication o f the story "Gusev" is given as 1890, then followed by Chekhov's j o u r n e y to the Sakhalin penal colony, whereas the story incorporated many o f his experiences from the ship

Robert J. Osborn

small part of what they could become by the early twenty-first century. Only Sakhalin's oil and g a s are receiving major foreign inputs; meanwhile, mining and en- ergy investments elsewhere around the Pacific Rim, including Alaska, have generally been more attractive than possibilities in the RFE. The

Daniel R. Kempton

, Hahn analyzes developments in Primor- skii Krai, Khabarovsk Krai, and Sakhalin Oblast'. He concludes that all three regions have created a form o f delegative democracy, but warns that under these conditions the continuation o f democracy rests heavily on the intentions o f the electoral winners, and