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Elena Sherstoboeva

/ . 129 Decision of the Arbitrazh Court of the Sakhalin region in Case No A59-1160/2015 of 22 May 2015, RosPravosudie, available at . 130 See, also, Decision of L Badritdinova, Magistrate Judge of Court Circuit

Hiroshi Oda

has thirteen sub-committees; paper and pulp, coal, raw materials for steel, natural gas, oil, non-ferrous metals, materials for pulp, timber, transporta- tion, technology transfer, finance, and prospecting of natural gas and oil on the Sakhalin continental shelf. On the occasion of the ninth joint

William B. Simons

zone; this is subject to ap- proval by the relevant parliament. 1 Press reports in the West have focused attention on the activities of the Russian Republic. The cities of Leningrad and Vyborg (near the border with Finland), Chita, Sakhalin, and Kaliningrad regions, and . the Primorsk territory

Wim A. Timmermans

economic and trade zones 23/05/91 FEZ Nakhodka's Budget Zak.Ek 1991 No.9,79* CM Decree No.280 "On Creating a Budget for the Free Economic Zone in the Nakhodka District of the Primor Territory" 27/05/91 Establishing FEZ Sakhalin Ved.RSFSR 1991 No.22 item 793 PSS Decree "On Establishing the Free Economic

Anna Lukina

Union) reported on it daily and it also appeared on the pages of many Soviet newspapers (e.g., Pravda, 86 Poliarnaia [Polar] Pravda, 87 and Sovetskii Sakhalin 88 ). Sovetskii Poliarnik, the official newspaper of Glavsevmorput’ , published the review of the case titled “The just judgment

Henn-Jüri Uibopuu

1956, when its mission was terminated-namely to serve as a bridge-head for the incorporation of parts of Finland. The territorial gains of the USSR such as Eastern Prussia, South Sakhalin, and the Kuril Islands did not affect the federal structure of the Soviet Union. ° The legal status of the Union

with Const: veto Article 107 interpretation 220496 ]. Const: war booty bill ruling 060498 A rule in a charter that the speaker signs and publishes a law after the veto of the governor is overridden does not confl ict with the separation of powers. Const: Sakhalin court decision 090498 Rules for

, 342 Rosneft Iamalnefteprodukt decision 07.06.2001 . ............ 7, 44, 100, 106, 240, 261, 263, 270, 337 rural teachers dwellings ruling 24.10.2000 ...... 3, .......... 59, 95, 125, 126, 129, 130, 164, 165, 173 Russlavbank decision 05.10.2000 . 265, 272, 303 Sakhalin court decision 09.04.1998... 15

(attached). Statute amended by Edict of the President No.2266 of 22 /12/93 (see infra). 23/10/93 State Support for the Sakhalin Region Economy. SA 1993 No.44 item 4267 Gov. Decree No.1062 "On Additional Measures of State Support for the Sakhalin Region Economy for 1993-1995". 24/10/93 Reform of State and

A rule in a Charter that the speaker signs and publishes a law after the veto of the governor is overridden, does not confl ict with the division of powers. Const: Sakhalin court decision 090498 A republic is not obliged to adopt laws that fully coincide with the federal laws (see Const: Tatarstan