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the world on the basis of these principles. The concepts of state sovereignty, equality and non-interference in each other's internal affairs as contained in the Five Principles can be traced back to John Bodin, Hugo Grotius, Thomas Hobbes, Jean Jacques Rousseau and other classical writers of Western

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, instead affirming for their European populations their perception of lower peoples who were so different from them that any negative treatment towards them was justifiable (see Abdi, 2006 ). Before the now well-known false exhortations from the French and German groups, one Englishman Thomas Hobbes, was

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Political Language Games . Ceredigion, UK and Lewiston, New York: Edwin Mellen Press, 2012 . 1 International Relations literature reveals that Thomas Hobbes explicitly used the theater metaphor in his analysis of a sovereign representing or acting on behalf of other persons. “The actor on the stage, by

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