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injustice felt by a “little man” in the face of authorities became the theme for Leviathan , set in Russia and written with outright associations to both religion and state (the Biblical tale of Job and the philosophical essay by Thomas Hobbes). On the shores of the Barents Sea, a mechanic refuses to sell

In: Transcultural Studies
This volume explores the early modern manuals on travelling ( Artes apodemicae), a new genre of advice literature that originated in the sixteenth century, when it became communis opinio among intellectuals that travelling was an important means of acquiring knowledge and experience, and that an extended tour abroad was a vital, if not indispensable part of humanist, academic and political education. In this volume, the formation of this new genre, between 1550 and 1700, is studied in its historical, social and cultural context. Furthermore, the volume examines the impact of this new genre on the acquisition and collection of knowledge in the early modern period, empirical or otherwise.

Contributors: Justin Stagl, Karl Enenkel, Jan Papy, Thomas Haye, Robert Seidel, Gabor Gelléri, Bernd Roling, Harald Hendrix, Jan L. de Jong, Kerstin Maria Pahl, Johanna Luggin, Marc Laureys, and Justina Spencer.

würde. Wir haben es hier also sozusagen mit einem deutsch-national gewendeten Leviathan zu tun, oder besser einer Art von germanozentrischem Kosmopolitismus. Denn im Gegensatz zu Thomas Hobbes ist es nach dieser Vorstellung nicht der jeweilige Staat, der durch seinen Machtapparat die Gewaltimpulse der

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