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Gideon Grafi

Introduction Zygophyllum dumosum Boiss (bushy bean caper), a Saharo-Arabian phytogeographical element, inhabits desert regions in Israel (Judea desert and central Negev) and Egypt (central Sinai). It occupies the rocky and stony slopes of limestone and dolomite at elevation between –300 m (near

Noga Sikron-Persi, Gila Granot, Gideon Grafi and Aaron Fait

Introduction Zygophyllum dumosum Boiss is one of more than 80 species from the large genus Zygophyllum of the family Zygophyllaceae ( Sheahan and Cutler 1993 ). The meaning of the name Zygophyllum is paired leaf and it describes the two leaflets on the petiole ( Sayed 1996 ). It is

Abraham Fahn

, 103–108.) Waisel Y. Liphschitz N. Fahn A. Cambial activity in Zygophyllum dumosum Boiss. Ann. Bot. 1970 34 409 414 Wareing P.F. Roberts D.L. Photoperiodic control of cambial activity in Robinia pseudacacia New. Phytol. 1956 55 356 366 Wareing P.F. Hanney C.E.A. Digby J. The role of endogenous

I. Noy-Meir

three plant communities in the Negev Desert, Israel. I. Artemisietum herbae albae. Etudes de Biologie Végétale. Chouard P. Jacques R. CNRS, Gif-sur-Yvette Paris 1976 57 86 Hommageau Prof Friedman J. The effect of competition by adult Zygophyllum dumosum Boiss. on seedlings of Artemisia herba