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New Terms for New Ideas

Western Knowledge and Lexical Change in Late Imperial China


Edited by Michael Lackner, Iwo Amelung and Joachim Kurtz

This volume is about the lasting impact of new (Western) notions on the 19th and early 20th century Chinese language; their invention, spread and standardization. Reaching beyond the mere cataloguing of the thousands of lexical innovations in this period of change, the essays explore the multiple ways in which initially alien notions were naturalized in Chinese scientific and political discourse.

Topics examined range from preconceptions about the capacity of the Chinese language to accommodate foreign ideas, the formation of specific nomenclatures and the roles of individual translators, to Chinese and European attempts at coming to terms with each other’s grammar.

By systematically analysing and assessing the lexical adaptation of Western notions in Chinese contexts, the book will serve as a valuable reference work for all those interested in the historical semantics of modern China.

Paul van Els and Frank Witkam

Art of War adaptations were published over half a century ago in the field of commerce, as parallels can easily be drawn between the competitive arena of trade and the combative theatre of war. To this day, bookstores offer a choice of business adaptations with titles such as The Art of War for

QIN Liyan

Xia Yan (1900–95), a very important leftist filmmaker in the 1930s, preferred film adaptation after 1949. This paper, by reading several of Xia Yan’s films written in the 1950s and 1960s against their literary sources, explores the changes he made to the sources and the strategies he used. It also outlines the different positions he took and the cultural history glimpsed through the films and Xia Yan’s role in them. This paper then analyzes how Xia Yan acted as a conformist vanguard repeating and re-enforcing the official ideology, as is shown in his adaptations of The New Year’s Sacrifice and Revolutionary Family. He was an ambivalent critic in the adaptation of The Lin Family Shop with its petite-bourgeois protagonist and its perhaps unintentional deconstruction of the official version of history. While, he reserved his humanistic concerns incognito for Hong Kong in the adaptation of Between Smiles and Tears.

Cao, Lige, Gemmer, Marco, Su, Buda, Zhai, Jianqing and Zhan, Mingjin

, and Cape Town are analyzed on their current climate change adaptation techniques. Measures are compared and future challenges for adaptation are assessed.

Paul Jen-kuei Li

Thao has extensive lexical and phonological, though not morphosyntactic, borrowing from Bunun. There are hundreds of Thao loanwords from Bunun. The consonants /b, d, l, ?, h/ have acquired phonemic status in Thao due to the great number of loans from Bunun. Linguistic evidence indicates that there are different periods of borrowing. Phonological and morphological adaptation of the forms is made for some lexical items. The problem of determining from which dialect(s) borrowing occurred is discussed in some detail, and so is the problem of some irregular forms. A list of Thao loanwords from Bunun is given in the appendix.

Meng, Huixin

The adaptation to climate change is closely associated with poverty elimination and sustainable development. Ningxia takes migration as an important measure for adaptation to climate change, which improves migrants’ production and living conditions and the ecological environment to some extent

Han Xiaorong

, these refugee communities in China have drawn much attention from Chinese scholars, officials, and reporters. Scholarly works have focused on the study of individual refugee communities, covering the settlement, remigration, adaptation, and identity of the refugees, and other issues (Chen 2007 ; Yao

Zheng, Yan

Low-carbon development and adaptation to climate change are important contents of sustainable urbanization. Taking research and policy practices at home and abroad as examples, this chap-ter analyzes how cities achieve the collaborative governance mechanism of low-carbon development and adaptation

Chinese Research Perspectives on the Environment, Special Volume

Annual Report on Actions to Address Climate Change (2012)


Edited by WANG Weiguang, ZHENG Guoguang and PAN Jiahua

A special volume in the Chinese Research Perspectives on the Environment series, this English-language volume is an edited collection of articles selected from the Chinese-language Annual Report on Actions to Address Climate Change (2012): Climate Finance and Low Carbon Development. This volume provides information on how China views the challenge of climate change and seeks to rectify the extraordinary confusion found in the West on China’s green energy future and its larger perspectives on this extraordinarily crucial topic. Contributors in this volume provide a bigger picture of international negotiations on climate change; discuss China’s national actions on green energy and sustainability and how national policies are implemented at the local level; and examine challenges and potential of developing green energy resources in China.

Tô Lan Nguyễn and Rostislav Berezkin

constitutes the earthly biography of Bodhisattva Guanyin (V. Quan Âm 觀音), a deity that was very popular in both countries. We examine the importation of baojuan into Vietnam and compare the social and cultural contexts in which Vietnamese adaptations of such texts were produced and circulated with the use