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Nature, Environment and Culture in East Asia

The Challenge of Climate Change


Edited by Carmen Meinert

Since in the current global environmental and climate crisis East Asia will play a major role in negotiating solutions, it is vital to understand East Asian cultural variations in approaching and solving environmental challenges in the past, present, and future. The interdisciplinary volume Nature, Environment and Culture in East Asia. The Challenge of Climate Change, edited by Carmen Meinert, explores how cultural patterns and ideas have shaped a specific understanding of nature, how local and regional cultures develop(ed) coping strategies to adapt to environmental and climatic changes in the past and in the present and how various institutions and representatives might introduce their ideas and agendas in future environmental and climate policies on national levels and in international negotiating systems.

Kharis Templeman

. Wong Joseph ( 2008 ) ‘ Maintaining kmt dominance: Party adaptation in authoritarian and democratic Taiwan ’, in Friedman Edward and Wong Joseph (eds), Political Transitions in Dominant Party Systems: Learning to Lose , London and New York : Routledge , 73 – 90

Tô Lan Nguyễn and Rostislav Berezkin

constitutes the earthly biography of Bodhisattva Guanyin (V. Quan Âm 觀音), a deity that was very popular in both countries. We examine the importation of baojuan into Vietnam and compare the social and cultural contexts in which Vietnamese adaptations of such texts were produced and circulated with the use

Tara M. McGowan

Laura Moretti, Recasting the past: an early modern Tales of Ise for children . Leiden: Brill, 2016. €59. In Recasting the past: an early modern Tales of Ise for children , Laura Moretti introduces readers to an obscure eighteenth-century adaptation of the Heian classic, Tales of Ise , adding

Chris Berry

the Wind ( Lianlian Fengchen , 1986), as it is of more recent films with female leads, like Millennium Mambo ( Qianxi Manbo , 2001) and Voyage of the Red Balloon ( Hong Qiqiu zhi Lü , 2007). The final chapter, ‘What Is Said and Left Unsaid in Hou Hsiao-hsien’s Period Adaptations: Flowers of

Evan N. Dawley

sufficiently disadvantaged by their multiethnic parentage in terms of social adaptation (‘life adjustment’), although she cites evidence of ‘racialised classism’, in which only children with one Southeast Asian parent, not those with a native English-speaking parent, are targeted for linguistic and cultural

Annie Yuan Cih Wu

literature has scrutinised Southeast Asian immigrant wives’ changing identities in relation to such functions as language acquisition (C. Chen, 2014 ; Chiang, 2008 ), adaptation to social norms (P. Chen, 2003 ; T. Chen, 2002 ; Yen, 2002 ), cross-cultural family relationships ( Sheu, 2007 ; Tang

Scott Simon

After the arrival of the roc and subsequent modernisation, many studies focused on the adaptation of aboriginal people to the new context, such as Mutsu Hsu’s focus on psychosocial acculturation ( Hsu, 1991 ). A generation of scholarship influenced by modernisation theory focused on acculturation and

Jonathan Sullivan

a one-way relationship and thus focuses on political adaptation and responses to developments driven by the media, mediatisation embraces the idea that media and party logics coexist in a relationship characterised by complex interdependence ( Hjarvard, 2013 ). Mediatisation thus goes beyond a focus

Shelley Rigger

) ‘ Explaining party adaptation to electoral reform: The discreet charm of the ldp ?’ , Journal of Japanese Studies 30 ( 1 ): 1 – 34 . LaLiberte Andre ( 2004/2005 ) ‘ Constitutional reform in Taiwan’ , Pacific Affairs 77 ( 4 ): 701 – 706 . Lee Yoonkyung