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Author: Mor Presiado

in their minds. Their memories had not yet been affected by stereotyped public perceptions regarding the Holocaust and had not yet passed through self-processing or adaptation to the audience to which the testimonies were directed, such as children, relatives and the general public. Therefore these

In: War and Sexual Violence
Author: Albert Doja

-driven psychobiologism, 21 or an evolutionary adaptation and a natural history of rape. 22 These approaches may claim some expedient attraction in clarifying why ordinary men can turn into rapists, but they are highly dubious and largely discredited. Whether there is an irrepressible urge or not, and what consequences

In: War and Sexual Violence
Volume Editor: Carmen Meinert
Since in the current global environmental and climate crisis East Asia will play a major role in negotiating solutions, it is vital to understand East Asian cultural variations in approaching and solving environmental challenges in the past, present, and future. The interdisciplinary volume Nature, Environment and Culture in East Asia. The Challenge of Climate Change, edited by Carmen Meinert, explores how cultural patterns and ideas have shaped a specific understanding of nature, how local and regional cultures develop(ed) coping strategies to adapt to environmental and climatic changes in the past and in the present and how various institutions and representatives might introduce their ideas and agendas in future environmental and climate policies on national levels and in international negotiating systems.

p.m ., when work lets out. 63 The privé/massagem is an adaptation to Rio’s tradition of extra-official regulation. Because they require little in the way of capital investment, they can move to a new address when they encounter police “regulation”. The fact that many privés manage to go

In: Selling Sex in the City: A Global History of Prostitution, 1600s-2000s

emerged in the form of public hygiene in the 19th century, morphed into social hygiene in the first half of the 20th century, and then took on the cloak of ‘new public health’ in the second half of the 20th century. To a large extent, these were adaptations to the most pressing health problems of their

In: A History of Population Health
Author: Jan Rüdiger

the Vulgate text, especially the linguistic adaptation through which the Israelite priest ( sacerdos ) Ebjatar becomes a “bishop,” Adonijah’s conduct is labelled with terms such as dróttinsvík “high treason” and níðingsráð “conspiracy of a dishonourable man” we recognize from Norwegian legal and

In: All the King’s Women: Polygyny and Politics in Europe, 900–1250
Author: Dylan K. Rogers

on the reception of Pompeii, especially its baths, see Gardner Coates et al. (2012). 99 The manga series by Yamazaki Mari ran from 2008–2013, with subsequent film adaptations in 2012 and 2014. 100 Revell (2009) 179. See also Heinze (2012). 101 Laurence et al. (2011) 229

In: People and Institutions in the Roman Empire
Author: Jan Rüdiger

greater or lesser extent. 123 By this time, archiepiscopal Nidaros had long been a centre of intensive liturgical, canonical, and hagiographical text production, specializing in the translation and adaptation of the Latin European clerical culture to the conditions of an ecclesiastical province

In: All the King’s Women: Polygyny and Politics in Europe, 900–1250
Author: Gaby Mahlberg

adaptation and elaboration of Gellius’ story. 13 In the original story from the Attic Nights , a young boy named Papirius Praetextatus accompanies his father to the senate. When he returns home, his mother demands to know what the senators had discussed. But since members are not allowed to reveal the

In: Democracy and Anti-Democracy in Early Modern England 1603–1689 

occurred simultaneously. Planned economies were replaced by market economies, and painful economic adaptations were undertaken. As a result of these disruptive changes, life expectancy went down in many countries. However, some countries emerged quickly from this painful phase with a renewed increase of

In: A History of Population Health