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Jonathan E. Greenwood

these compilations consulted by both the Bollandists and Don Quixote alike? Flowers were a uniquely Iberian genre, aware of European efforts to collect the lives of saints and then arrange them according to the liturgical year. Originally an adaptation of the medieval “best-seller,” the Golden Legend

Ana Carolina Hosne

ad hoc status and value. It may be an enjoyable exercise to play with Chinese characters as Ricci did in his Xiguo Jifa as a purpose in itself. However, what hinders the viability of Ricci’s treatise as a memory tool lies in its adaptation on Chinese soil, for it did not meet the mnemonic needs

Globalization and “Minority” Cultures

The Role of “Minor” Cultural Groups in Shaping Our Global Future


Edited by Sophie Croisy

Globalization and “Minority” Cultures: The Role of “Minor” Cultural Groups in Shaping Our Global Future is a collective work which brings to the forefront of global studies new perspectives on the relationship between globalization and the experiences of cultural minorities worldwide. These perspectives are crucial to the process of questioning contemporary global values and practices, and contribute to current debates in a variety of fields (politics, education, culture, the economy, etc.) on the causes, consequences and future of globalization. The book develops new theories and practices of transculturality that link different theoretical and cultural spheres (“minor” and “dominant”) in order to formulate new discussions and propositions about appropriate responses to give in defiance of the adverse effects of globalization.

Some chapters are in French.

Mark A. Lewis S.J.

adaptation of the confraternity to regions as diverse as Eastern Europe and the viceroyalty of New Spain contributes to the broad scope of this section. Confraternities as patrons of art, the subject of the fifth part of the volume, also contributes to the questions of self-identity of each distinct

Qiong Zhang

. Other innovations the Jesuits made to conform to Confucian gender norms had more serious theological complications. Their adaptations to important Catholic sacraments, such as baptism and unction, became major points of contention with their opponents in the Rites Controversy from the 1640s through 1690

Juan Antonio Senent-De Frutos

the sixteenth century; as the work of John W. O’Malley shows, 21 the Society of Jesus can also be viewed as a religious institution that is specifically “modern” in its attention to the particular, in its approach of adaptation or accommodation to what is personal and cultural. 22 I believe

Kenneth R. Hall

, Literary Adaptation, and the ‘Sanskrit Cosmopolis’ in Fifteenth Century Java.” In India and Southeast Asia: Cultural Discourses , edited by Anna L. Dallapiccola and Anila Verghese , 361 – 386 . Mumbai : K. R. Cama Oriental Institute . Hayden , Dolores . 1995 . The Power of Place

Ewout Frankema

perfected. Another reason may be slow adaptation to the specific taste of the crop and limited possibilities for integration into local cuisine. According to W. O. Jones (1969), the spread of cassava probably gained momentum only during the second half of the nineteenth century. Second, there appears to be