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Mónika Józon

versus adaptation). (c) compatibility of the rules received from Quebec law with other foreign influences. (d) effects of the specific legal institutions or provisions/aspects of provisions borrowed from Quebec law into the overall concept of the new domestic legal institution. The Characteristics of

Jeffrey B. Meyers

Cover describes a telling conceptual adaptation in Jewish Law which developed in less than two centuries. That adaptation was expressed in the thought of Rabbi Simeon ben Gamaliel. For Simeone ben Gamaliel, writing after the destruction of the temple and the exile of the Jewish people, the three legs of

Shael Herman

their daily tasks. Far from random brainstorming, the drafting process is systematic. Sometimes, as in the preceding example of onerosity and its analogous consideration, the drafting task calls for uprooting outdated formulations and replacing them with adaptations of foreign provenance. The goal is a

B. Andò

; whence the possibility of adaptation of the principles rooted in British law to a context strongly permeated from a civilian culture. 27)  This is one of the peculiar characters of the Maltese system to which I was referring at the end of the previous section. 28)  On the criminal code, see Gourlay 2009

Tony George Puthucherril

adaptation (CCCA). The paper concludes with a plea to strengthen CCCA as a plausible strategy to protect the rights of the climate-displaced persons, and the creation of an international fund to assist them in rebuilding their lives. II Climate Change and Sea Level Rise: Classifying the Climate Displaced

Ndubuisi Nwafor and Chidi Lloyd

doctrines and good faith. Section six evaluates the re-adaptation and negotiation mechanism as the major tool through which contractual equilibrium can be restored in the face of a hardship event. There will be comparative reference to common law and civil law positions on the relationship between hardship

Mohammed Evren Tok, Damilola S. Olawuyi and Cristina D’Alessandro

change mitigation and adaptation. 3 For example, a transition to solar energy systems could result in a significant reduction in greenhouse gas ( ghg ) emissions in the mena region, especially in carbon intensive Gulf economies. 4 Climate change also provides opportunities for mena

Elise Poillot

focus, with a special interest for the French and Luxembourg ones – requires some adaptations. Among these adaptations, one main point certainly is the necessity of building a bridge between legal clinical experiences and legal fundamental research. Whatever the adaptations may be, to build our own

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Anti-Convergence Thesis Revisited

Jaakko Husa

part of the common law understanding of constitution and constitutionalism. As described by T.R.S. Allan , against the backdrop of British constitutionalism, ‘the content of law is always a question of moral or political principle, adapted to a specific legal context’. 31 So, adaptation to the facts

Akshay Shreedhar

the word ‘impediment’ is broader in its scope than absolute impossibility of performance. 76 The reasoning may appear to be more progressive, for the court held that even though Article 79 governs ‘changed circumstances’, it does not make clear how the consequent adaptations are to be made, and hence