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adaptation of Article 1 of the Convention itself. The full range of biomedical research activities involving any kind of intervention on human beings are covered by the Draft Protocol. The term ‘intervention’ must be understood here in a broad sense; in the context of this Protocol it covers all medical

In: International Law from a Baltic Perspective

the Court also stressed parallels with its non-transitional jurisprudence. In the past the Court has generally recognised that there is inevitable judicial interpretation in the criminal law, allowing for the explanation of doubtful points and adaptation of the law to changing circumstances. 60

In: International Law from a Baltic Perspective
Author: Yuko Osakada

. Second, the iipfcc demanded that state parties recognize Indigenous Peoples’ traditional knowledge and positive contributions to climate adaptation, mitigation and respect for Indigenous Peoples’ traditional livelihoods. Third, the iipfcc insisted on ensuring full and effective participation of

In: Changing Actors in International Law
Author: M. Sakthivel

-diffusion of the work; (vii) to make any adaptation of the work; (viii) to do in relation to a translation or an adaptation of the work any of the acts specified in relation to the work in clauses (i) to (vi); (b) in the case of an artistic work, to do or authorise the doing of any of the following acts

In: Broadcasters’ Rights in the Digital Era

in a preambular mention of Indigenous peoples, stating that ‘[p]arties should, when taking action to address climate change, respect, promote and consider their respective obligations on […] the rights of indigenous peoples.’ 67 Under Article 7(5) on adaptation actions, parties acknowledge

In: Changing Actors in International Law
Author: Diego Saluzzo

risks. This is a natural consequence of a subsidized agricultural policy, which is not favouring adoption of a real strategy in managing the risks of the wine supply chain via prevention and mitigation, or adaptation, whenever practicable. We will focus on certain more typical risk attaining the wine

In: Wine Law and Policy
Author: Sisay Kinfe

legitimisation than either the conservative or the dynamic paradigm. The aim of a cross-paradigmatic dialogue is to promote human rights within prevailing cultural attitudes and institutions, and to make cultural change, adaptation and modification complement human rights through the initiative and involvement

In: Implementation of International Human Rights Commitments and the Impact on Ongoing Legal Reforms in Ethiopia

of 125–250 km poleward will take place by 2100. 27 Vintners and governments need to anticipate the serious climatic changes in their regions and make adaptations to the grapevine phenology, soil water availability, 28 late spur-pruning, increasing vine trunk height, trimming shoots or removing

In: Wine Law and Policy
Author: Mari Takeuchi

adaptation of treaty systems. The foregoing observation illustrates that the harmonization of domestic legislation implementing the fatf Standards has generated effects that have had a substantial impact on the existing system of the Terrorist Financing Convention: effects that can be regarded as a

In: Changing Actors in International Law

vineyards of Langhe-Roero and Monferrato constitute an outstanding example of man’s interaction with his natural environment. Following a long and slow evolution of winegrowing expertise, the best possible adaptation of grape varieties to land with specific soil and climatic components has been carried out

In: Wine Law and Policy