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Polina Katz and Naum Katz

conducted in 1968 with a new group of immigrants and compared the results focusing primarily on the areas of adaptation, assimilation, and religious observance as well as other experiences in becoming part of what is known as the American “melting pot”. Keywords immigration , adaptation , assimilation

Zri͡akhov, N.Bitva russkikh s kabardint͡sami, ili, Prekrasnai͡a magometanka umirai͡ushchai͡a na grobe svoego supruga.

An adaptation of a novel by Nikolaĭ Zri͡akhov with almost the same title, first published in 1840.

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Julie A. Cassiday

(Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2017), 311 pp., $30.00 (pb), isbn 9780253023049. The glocalization of popular culture in post-socialist societies has led to predictable adaptations and surprising innovations, as the essays in Hip Hop at Europe’s Edge richly illustrate. The

Eric B. Litwack

together some of the mid-twentieth century’s most distinguished intellectuals, and Darkness at Noon has been republished several times globally. It merits a good film adaptation. Koestler joined the German communist party in 1932, and spend a good part of 1932 to 1933 in the Soviet Union as a feted

William deJong-Lambert

’s prescriptions for ending the cycle of tragedy in Soviet agriculture, was his notion that species could be transformed by subjecting them to environmental conditions they would adapt to. These adaptations would then be inherited by their progeny, making them more fit to survive. The result would be banana trees

Donald W. Green

institutional change as adaptation to remove economic inefficiency.6 The richness of their work is not in the truism that benefits should exceed costs but rather in their emphasis upon the perception of gain, the problems of institutional innovation, and the costs of reorganization. However, their analysis was

Yngvar Steinholt

no account of his practi- cal approach to similar problems, or indeed their opposite. If anything, he himself shows tendencies towards a selective adaptation of interview quotes to his own pre-established contexts. Furthermore, the reader is only provided with quotes in what must be assumed to be the

: Cambridge University Press in associa- tion with The Royal Institute of International Affairs, 1990. xii, 263 pp. $49.50. The Soviet-East European Relationship in the Gorbachev Era: The Prospects for Adaptation. Edited by Aurel Brown. Boulder, CO: Westview Press, 1990. xi, 249 pp. $29.00 paper. Stupples

George Ginsburgs

to fit the ad hoc and random elements of the Central Asian experience into a compre- hensive frame of reference embracing an entire category of social phenomena and prompting syncretic conclusions about the dynamics of certain species of systemic competition.. Professor Massell's adaptation of some