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Daisy Hildyard

organism is a product of evolution. However, this is not to say that the study of the human evolutionary adaptation has become fully integrated within the study of the evolutionary adaptation of other species. The very notoriety of Wilberforce’s question, which survives only as a reported quote and yet has

Mohsen Abu Muamar

Introduction The work of Matt Andrews on “the limits of institutional reforms in development” ( 2013 ) has started a major debate in the development community about the reasons for the failure of reforms. His proposal for a new approach of doing reforms, Problem Driven Iterative Adaptation

Edited by Carl Lamberg-Karlovsky, David Pilbeam and Ofer Bar-Yosef

The American School of Prehistoric Research (ASPR) Monographs in Archaeology and Paleoanthropology present a series of documents covering a variety of subjects in the archaeology of the Old World (Eurasia, Africa, Australia, and Oceania). This series encompasses a broad range of subjects—from the early prehistory to the Neolithic Revolution in the Old World, and beyond including: hunter-gatherers to complex societies; the rise of agriculture; the emergence of urban societies; human physical morphology, evolution and adaptation, as well as; various technologies such as metallurgy, pottery production, tool making, and shelter construction. Additionally, the subjects of symbolism, religion, and art will be presented within the context of archaeological studies including mortuary practices and rock art. Volumes may be authored by one investigator, a team of investigators, or may be an edited collection of shorter articles by a number of different specialists working on related topics.

Swati Singh and Mehmet Celebi

fulfillment of conflicting demands” (Berente 2009:51). This concept is backed by theory of organization adaptation and loose coupling that indicates some degree of loose coupling is necessary for organizations to transform their structures and methods, in order to cope up with a changing environment (Berente

Daniel Schmitt

feel fully accepted as an innovator, yet he repeatably mentioned older generation’s necessity for adaptation to stay relevant in codetermining how the Zambian society is going to look like in the future. The equalization of technology and participation in societal transformation processes displays the

Hasan Tinmaz and Yunus Emre Ozturk

deal with deficiency of technology learning, adaptation, and transfer to promote national technology in industry (Tiryakioglu 2016). When it comes to the implemented industrial policies and associated science and technology strategies, South Korea’s development progress in innovation and R&D fields can

Anne-Kristin Römpke

. For that, cross-cultural adaptations of measurement instruments are indispensable. The Pet Attitude Scale ( PAS ) from Templer, Salter, Baldwin, Dickey, and Veleber (1981) is a scale often used in English-speaking AAI research (e.g., Morgan, 2009) to assess attitude towards companion animals. It has

Ryosuke Sugie, Kihyun Park, Mark Haney and Young Won Park


This paper presents a comparative analysis of four key players in the Japanese trucking industry, Nippon Express, Fukuyama Transporting, Yamato Transport, and Sagawa Express, in order to address the question of how the sources of competitive advantage in the logistics area are changing in the face of a new global commerce model enabled by technology and characterized by an increasing number of direct-to-consumer transactions. The analysis concludes that, while efficiency remains an important success factor, network building capability and innovative partnerships are the dominant factors leading to sales, market share, and profitability in the contemporary Japanese trucking industry. Firms with the ability to build wide-reaching networks, to augment those networks through innovative partnerships, and thus fill structural holes for parties wishing to engage in business transactions have the greatest chance of success in the industry.

Peter Ove

governmentality and its international contexts, but also to present an adaptation of governmentality—labelled developmentality 2 —in order to better analyze issues of development. The necessity for new terminology in this field is debatable. However, it is nevertheless useful to distinguish an ‘analytics of

Radomir Ray Mitic

-for-profit institutions in record numbers. (Institute of International Education 2013). For those that do not wish to leave their home countries, us higher education is now accessible without crossing national borders. Technology adaptations such as Massive Open Online Courses ( mooc s) allow students around the