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Author: Binjun Hu

(in Chinese: fortune cat), which has made significant inroads into Chinese shops and homes worldwide. 1 This paper explores how Maneki-Neko becomes appropriated by a specific demographic of people (mostly business owners) in China as Zhaocaimao since the 1980s and created a basis for its adaptation

In: African and Asian Studies

on this collapse from other places.' 2. Real and Reel Life in Hong Kong - Film Studies of Cultural Adaptation? JOHN H. WEAKLAND Mental Research Institute, Palo Alto, U.S.A. It might seem inappropriate to couple the serious interest of scholars with the fascination Hong Kong exerts over countless

In: Journal of Asian and African Studies
Author: Gerald W. Kleis

. Comparative Perspectives on Migrant Adaptation: Asian Refugees and African Sojourners GERALD W. KLEIS Bayero University, Kano, Nigeria The rediscovery of ethnicity in the 1960s as a viable social and political force in the United States discredited the melting pot model which long proclaimed the uniqueness of

In: Journal of Asian and African Studies
Author: Patryk Zając

innovation and its shape reflects phonological adaptation of the Arabic word to West African languages. The feature shared by Hausa har̃ and Arabic ḥattà is their polyfunctionality. The Arabic ḥattà meaning “up to” or “until” is “an adverb or preposition with the meaning of “even” and a conjunctive

In: Annali Sezione Orientale

295 BOOK REVIEWS Nobuo K. Shimahara, Adaptation and Education in Japan. New York, Praeger, 1979, ix, 190 pp. Tables, Figures, Appendix, Bibliography, Index. $22.95. Adaptation and Education in Japan attempts to provide an anthropological and sociological interpretation of Japanese society and

In: Journal of Asian and African Studies

seminar convened by Professors Hilda and Leo Kuper, co-editors of this volume, which brought together social scientists and legally trained specialists to discuss adaptation and change in African customary law under modern conditions. Traditionally lawyers and anthropologists approached customary law in

In: Journal of Asian and African Studies

security in the Afro-China cooperation include: putting efforts to guarantee local and national food justice and food sovereignty, climate change adaptation, exploring agro-processing and job creation, research and technology transfer as well as development of fisheries. The importance of Afro

In: The African Review
Household Livelihoods and Marine Resource Management
Overexploitation of natural resources is often associated with poverty among local populations. A multi-disciplinary team studied artisanal fishers along the Kenyan coast on the Indian Ocean. The main focus of the research was on income diversification of fishers, the pressure on marine resources and the relation between the two. Income diversification did not reduce the pressure on the marine environment. Rather, indications are that many part-time fishers are entering the profession. Moreover, fishers with alternative employment stayed in-shore and used damaging gear more often. Policies to stimulate employment opportunities for coastal communities cannot be expected to lessen the pressure on marine resources and need to be planned carefully in terms of industry location, labour requirements and degree of coastal pollution.

construire et à maintenir la tradition et l’histoire de l’ibādīsme maghrébin, en marquant ses domaines et formant un réseau reliant plusieurs générations d’érudits religieux à travers le temps et l’espace. 4 À travers ce recueil de textes, réalisé par l’adaptation aux circonstances contingentes dans

In: Annali Sezione Orientale
Author: Andrea Manzo

in the 6th millennium BC and ending in the 16th century AD , as well as the main economic and cultural turning points of it, such as the emergence of an agropastoral adaptation at least since the 4th millennium BC , the rise of hierarchic societies in the 3rd millennium BC , and the emergence of

In: Annali Sezione Orientale