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John H. Weakland

on this collapse from other places.' 2. Real and Reel Life in Hong Kong - Film Studies of Cultural Adaptation? JOHN H. WEAKLAND Mental Research Institute, Palo Alto, U.S.A. It might seem inappropriate to couple the serious interest of scholars with the fascination Hong Kong exerts over countless

Gerald W. Kleis

. Comparative Perspectives on Migrant Adaptation: Asian Refugees and African Sojourners GERALD W. KLEIS Bayero University, Kano, Nigeria The rediscovery of ethnicity in the 1960s as a viable social and political force in the United States discredited the melting pot model which long proclaimed the uniqueness of

Richard Rubinger

295 BOOK REVIEWS Nobuo K. Shimahara, Adaptation and Education in Japan. New York, Praeger, 1979, ix, 190 pp. Tables, Figures, Appendix, Bibliography, Index. $22.95. Adaptation and Education in Japan attempts to provide an anthropological and sociological interpretation of Japanese society and

William A. Shack

seminar convened by Professors Hilda and Leo Kuper, co-editors of this volume, which brought together social scientists and legally trained specialists to discuss adaptation and change in African customary law under modern conditions. Traditionally lawyers and anthropologists approached customary law in

Patryk Zając

. ammā baʽdu , so àmmā becomes redundant and adding it is merely a stylistic issue. 4.1.2 Preposition/Conjunction har̃ Derived from Ar. ḥattà As stated earlier, har̃ came to Hausa probably as an areal innovation and its shape reflects phonological adaptation of the Arabic word to West African

R. Natarajan

registered automatically in society; they require equally adroit inventions and adaptations in politics; and the careless habit of attributing to mechanical improvements a direct role as instruments of culture and civilization puts a demand upon the machine to which it cannot respond... Lewis Mumford

E. Wright

cleverly adapted to a Nigerian setting without losing its faithfulness to Aristo- phanes, while pidgin English provides a natural medium for the Doric Greek which was sneered at by the Attic speaking Athenians. A difficulty which the translators mention was that in the adaptation the external war had to be

Serena Nanda

amount of detailed information which follows. The first chapter introduces the physical environment of the subcontinent, calling attention to major regional differences which set the stage for the variety of subsistence and related socio/cultural adaptations so characteristic in the development of Indian

Mary F. Gray

22. The interview procedure shows considerable adaptation to the Indian social milieu. It is this attention to the sensitivities of the interviewees which is most worthy of praise and which contributes in large part to the successful aquisition of information. The research assistants included two

Bruce G. Trigger

of human adaptation as seen against Africa's changing natural environment. Clark's authoritative knowledge of African prehistory leads him to make numerous observations about specific problems that are of interest to professional archaeologists. As a north African archeologist, I was particularly