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The Untold Story of a Successful Adaptation
In British shipping in the Mediterranean Katerina Galani investigates the impact of the French and Napoleonic wars on British maritime economic activity. Due to the close cooperation of the public and private sector at sea, the British adopted flexible business strategies to mitigate economic warfare and sustain shipping and trade in the Mediterranean.
The book offers a comprehensive approach by combining the study of international relations, ports, ships, business organisation, deep-sea voyages and intra-Mediterranean navigation. Katerina Galani conceptualises the Mediterranean as an economic entity and she insightfully examines, for the first time, free traders along with the chartered Levant Company. Her analysis draws upon a unique collection of British and Mediterranean sources to construct a multifaceted view of British maritime activity.

black ox rather than a slave results from a Dendi adaptation of a legend that seems specific to populations of the Gulf of Benin: black oxen, as indeed the idea of the ‘required’ death of a girl, are reminiscent of other traditions encountered in Dendi. 17 Tui, 25/02/15. 18 “Sudo” means “inhabited place

In: Two Thousand Years in Dendi, Northern Benin

diplomacy, mediation by a third country or countries was to set a precedent for future peace negotiations in the last two centuries of the Ottoman Empire. To see in this development, the adaptation of European diplomatic methods in Ottoman diplomacy seems an acceptable interpretation. In 1613 Reîsülküttâb

In: The Treaties of Carlowitz (1699)