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Daisy Hildyard

organism is a product of evolution. However, this is not to say that the study of the human evolutionary adaptation has become fully integrated within the study of the evolutionary adaptation of other species. The very notoriety of Wilberforce’s question, which survives only as a reported quote and yet has

Tom Sjöblom

Journal of Cognition and Culture 7 (2007) 293–312 © Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden, 2007 DOI: 10.1163/156853707X208521 Spandrels, Gazelles and Flying Buttresses: Religion as Adaptation or as a By-Product Tom Sjöblom Department of Comparative Religion, University of Helsinki

Anne-Kristin Römpke

. For that, cross-cultural adaptations of measurement instruments are indispensable. The Pet Attitude Scale ( PAS ) from Templer, Salter, Baldwin, Dickey, and Veleber (1981) is a scale often used in English-speaking AAI research (e.g., Morgan, 2009) to assess attitude towards companion animals. It has

Razvan Sofroni

suitable place in Pölzler’s discussion. The fifth chapter, The Evolution of Morality , discusses a version of an argument that has come to be known in the literature as the evolutionary debunking argument. The gist of it lies in bringing together the claim that moral judgments are adaptations explained by

Jay Schulkin

made no mythology about. Both men seemed dour with fatalistic expectations. The debates about religion were settled for Holmes; none were acceptable to him in the forms in which they existed at the time. To Holmes, the world was one adaptation, harsh with an increasing population weeded out by

Allen Mendenhall

philosophical system of general principles. The merit of the historical methodology of the common law that so attracted Holmes is that it furnishes jurists with models and patterns to be replicated or avoided, depending on felt results, and that it validates change and adaptation in the face of exigent problems

Finn Collin

. This is the sentiment reflected in Rabi’s remarks at the beginning of this text, and it constitutes the true strength of the university. In modern parlance, it amounts to a strong “organizational culture.” What is novel about the universities’ current situation is the way the strategy of adaptation is


Tazuko Angela van Berkel

”. The semantic field implies a closeness or interdependence of subject and object, 113 possibly an adaptation or accommodation of both subject and object to the requirements of a given context. Or, strictly speaking, not a subject/object relationship at all (χρῆσθαι is, after all, not a purely


Tazuko Angela van Berkel

speaker with the help of traditional elements, such as the formula (οὐ) χρή + infinitive. Lardinois (1995), 215–216. 93 Van Emde Boas (2017), 40–41, on the communicative functions of γνώμαι. 94 Hanink (2013). 95 Soph. El. 975–984; transl . Lloyd-Jones (1990), adapted . 96 On the adaptation of Homeric