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The Complexities of Water Disaster Adaptation

Evidence from Quang Binh Province, Vietnam

Mogens Buch-Hansen, Luu Bich Ngoc, Man Quang Huy and Tran Ngoc Anh

management, as well as societal capacity for mitigation and adaptation. The relationships between climate-related hazards (such as typhoons, flooding, rising sea levels, changing seasonality, droughts, etc.), human-induced environmental changes (such as deforestation, dyke construction, river embankments

Daisy Hildyard

organism is a product of evolution. However, this is not to say that the study of the human evolutionary adaptation has become fully integrated within the study of the evolutionary adaptation of other species. The very notoriety of Wilberforce’s question, which survives only as a reported quote and yet has

Is Local Community the Answer?

The Role of “Local Knowledge” and “Community” for Disaster Prevention and Climate Adaptation in Central Vietnam

Ole Bruun and Mette Fog Olwig

Introduction Several streams of literature on disaster risk reduction ( DRR ) and climate change adaptation ( CCA ) point almost routinely to the potential of “local communities” in protecting the interests of local inhabitants in the face of external stress. The notion of community

Han Xiaorong

, these refugee communities in China have drawn much attention from Chinese scholars, officials, and reporters. Scholarly works have focused on the study of individual refugee communities, covering the settlement, remigration, adaptation, and identity of the refugees, and other issues (Chen 2007 ; Yao

A Russian Adaptation of the Multidimensional Inventory for Religious/Spiritual Well-Being

Psychometric Properties for Young Adults and Associations with Personality and Psychiatric Symptoms

V. A. Agarkov, Y. I. Alexandrov, S. A. Bronfman, A. M. Chernenko, H. P. Kapfhammer and H.-F. Unterrainer

various groups of general medical as well as psychiatric patients (Unterrainer et al., 2014). Based on these previous results, we predict that the Russian version of the MI-RSWB ( MI-RSWB-R ) questionnaire will also reveal appealing characteristics, corresponding with the previous adaptations of the

Mohsen Abu Muamar

Introduction The work of Matt Andrews on “the limits of institutional reforms in development” ( 2013 ) has started a major debate in the development community about the reasons for the failure of reforms. His proposal for a new approach of doing reforms, Problem Driven Iterative Adaptation

Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation in Metro Manila

Challenging Governance and Human Security Needs of Urban Poor Communities

Emma Porio

and community health and well-being and, in some cases, to survival (ultimate security challenge).” Studies on climate change vulnerability and adaptation, therefore, provide a rich opportunity to define security threats to urban poor communities and their environments. Meanwhile, Redclift (2009

Anne-Kristin Römpke

. For that, cross-cultural adaptations of measurement instruments are indispensable. The Pet Attitude Scale ( PAS ) from Templer, Salter, Baldwin, Dickey, and Veleber (1981) is a scale often used in English-speaking AAI research (e.g., Morgan, 2009) to assess attitude towards companion animals. It has

LIU Yang, FANG Xiaoyi, CAI Rong, WU Yang and ZHANG Yaofang

This article employs qualitative research methods to explore the urban adaptation and adaptation processes of Chinese migrant children. Through twenty-one in-depth interviews with migrant children, the researchers discovered: The participant migrant children showed a fairly high level of adaptation to the city; their process of urban adaptation emerged as three categories: the U-Type, the J-type, and the “flat line” type. Also explored were long-term acquisition of explicit behaviors, implicit notions, adaptation to the socio-cultural environment, and success in education as difficult aspects of adaptation. After comparing these three processes, the research team developed a theory of migrant children urban adaptation. It hypothesizes that during the urban adaptation process, migrant children will encounter four stages of development: excitement and curiosity, shock and resistance, exploration and adaptation, and finally integration and assimilation.

Kwok-bun Chan

Now distributed by Brill for The Chinese University Press

This book is, in fact, a study of human survival. It describes the Chinese immigrants in Montreal, Canada, as they encounter racial discrimination. It begins with the arrival of the first batch of Cantonese, in the 1850s, in Victoria, British Columbia, and ends, in the late 1970s and 1980s, in Montreal. Like Vancouver and Toronto, Montreal saw the influx of two contrasting groups of Chinese: refugees of Chinese descent from Indo-China, and economic migrants from Hong-Kong. The book uses oral history and in-depth interview material, in documenting the costs of racism on the one hand, and the strategies for adaptation on the other. The author argues that the kind of racism the Chinese in Montreal have been subjected to is a systematic one. This book is now distributed by Brill for The Chinese University Press.