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Serge Grigoriev and Robert Piercey

as correlated phases in the dynamic process of developing a practical understanding of the world as adaptation . 30 To put it otherwise, pragmatists are interested in the role that thought can play in the experimental determination of proper conduct, including both cognitive principles and guiding

Torbjörn Gustafsson Chorell

by assigning them a specific location in space and time that is, in principle, observable and, as such, fixed and immutable.” 49 As is apparent from my reading, Kleinberg’s adaptation of deconstruction and the trace is cast as the most secular alternative to ontological realism that we are likely to

Marnie Binder

next is that he does not believe that, again, “the truth can be a simple process of adaptation to practical ends” – this is how Ortega usually refers to the goal of pragmatism in the application of “practical ends,” but this is, indeed, a view too narrow of pragmatism. While there are other such, quite

Elizabeth Portella

historical) objects only conform to our interpretations of them. What Dewey does mean by ‘historic relativity’ is that classical liberalism failed to grasp the necessity for historical adaptation , lending itself to crisis. Either camp was convinced that theirs was the approach to social organization

Frank Ankersmit

philosophical discussion is that hidden metaphors are identified and translated into non-metaphorical language. F.R. Ankersmit, “The Transfiguration of Distance into Function,” History and Theory 50, 2011, 136–149. 7 Leibniz, “Monadology,” section 17. 8 The same is true of his adaptation of

Rodrigo Díaz-Maldonado

“experience without a subject of experience”, designed to avoid the problem of transcendentalism. 18 See: Ankersmit, “Invitation to historians” 2010 p. 434; and Meaning, Truth, and Reference in Historical Representation , chapter 1. This idea evolved in Ankersmit’s more recent work into an adaptation of