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Medieval Pharmacotherapy - Continuity and Change

Case Studies from Ibn Sīnā and Some of His Late Medieval Commentators


Helena Paavilainen

The development of medical drug therapy in medieval times can be seen as an interplay between tradition and innovation. This book follows the changes in the therapy from the Arabic medicine of Ibn Sīnā (Avicenna) to Latin medical scholasticism, aiming to trace both the continuity and the development in the theory and practice of medieval drug therapy. In this delicate balance between change and continuity a crucial role was played by the scientific community through critical rejection or acceptance of new ideas. The drug choices were in most cases rational also from the point of view of contemporary medical theory. The method used in the book for studying these choices could promote the development of a novel methodology for historical ethnopharmacology.

Khaled Abou El Fadl

fullness needs something extra—it needs an added power: it needs Divine bliss or grace. To be possessed of true wisdom ( ḥikma ), where one fully understands the balance ( al-mīzān ) or how all the elements fall into place to form the integrated whole requires spiritual and physical exertion and moral

Ayman Shabana

measure to balance the perils of cognitive enhancement and argues that the cost of withholding cognitive enhancement until an effective method of moral bioenhancement becomes available could be much worse because many outstanding problems could be resolved by cognitive enhancement in the meantime

Mulki Al-Sharmani

to realize the ethical ideal within them, and thus are able to manifest and unite God’s attributes (i.e. balance jalālī attributes such as power and wrath and jamālī attributes such as mercy and gentleness). And since spiritual and social life are expected to be interconnected, an ethical way of

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