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Sekhara Pillai Vijayan, Rajagopalan Sivakumar and Dinesh Gopinathan Nair

processing system, a holder for the penetration medium, and a holder for the CNE. A universal testing machine (UTM) (1193; Instron, UK) was utilized for the needle movement and a digital balance (BA 310 S; Sartorius, Germany) was used as the load measuring equipment. The needle was mounted onto the cross arm

Jacek Waniewski, Bengt Lindholm and Andrzej Werynski

peritoneal cavity [6]). The net rate of solute flow to the peritoneal cavity is the algebraic sum of the rates of the three transport components. 110 A. Werynski et al. The mass balance states that the net rate of the change of the amount of solute in the dialysate is equal to the net flow of the solute

Tatsuhisa Takahashi, Toshiyo Tamura, Akiyoshi Okada and Junichiro Hayano

due to a withdrawal of cardiac parasympathetic efferent nerves and an activation of cardiac sympathetic efferent nerves [18, 19]. Accordingly, the balance between the two divisions of the autonomic nervous system is likely to be different between the active recovery and inactive recovery conditions

Ken-Ichi Yamakoshi

preliminary experiment, a comparison study was made particularly under urination between the two important variables of EW and PR determined automati- cally (EW auto and PR auto ) and those measured by a gravimetric method using a pre- cise electronic balance (EW manu ) and by a manual reading from the raw

Kiyotaka Sakai

pure-water permeability can be measured, it becomes possible to evaluate dialysis membranes. 3.1. Functions of a dialysis membrane [9] A dialysis membrane must have the following proporties: (1) High solute permeability. (2) High water permeability. (3) Balance between solute and water permeabilities

Tomonori Sumino, Kazunori Koseki, Tatsuo Togawa, Kiichi Tsuchiya, Mitshiro Ogawa and Toshiyo Tamura

substantially half the volume of the probe, i.e. V d / 2. In addition, the radius, the volume and the concentration in the region of the tissue where the concentration is changed near the membrane are r t , V t and C t , respectively. The mass balance for the microdialysis probe subcompartment and the tissue

Gabriella Lakos, Judit Végh, Pál Soltész, Zoltán Szekanecz, Gyula Szegedi, Katalin Veres, Szabolcs Szakáll and László Tóth

.v . methylprednisone, frusemide, mannitol, sucralfate, famotidine, lactulose, cefmandol, minerals, human plasma, correction of acid-base balance) there was a continuous progression in the disease state including worsening of the neuropsychiatric symptoms. There was a further increase in serum bilirubin (peaking at 363

discusses the association of hyperhomocysteinaemia with the thermolabile variant of tetrahydrofolate reductase and Factor V Leiden. Chap- ter 34 considers the effects of homocysteine on the haemostatic balance, and its components: platelets, vascular endothelial cells, and plasma coagulation proteins

Tadashi Takemae, Yukio Kosugi, Tahseen Ejaz and Minoru Hongo

The heart propels the blood through the vascular system. It thereby maintains the delicate balance between the functions of different organs in our body by transporting nutrients and waste products. The mechanical work needed for ¤ To whom correspondence should be addressed. E-mail: ejaz

S. Stanović, D. Batinić, D. Nemet, J. Skodlar, B. Labar, M. Boranić and M. Petrovečki

thiorphan on the GM-CFU count would reflect a balance between its growth-promoting and growth-inhibiting actions. 8 S. Stanovi´c et al. Table 4. Thiorphan effects on the clonal growth of bone marrow cells collected from the patients with acute leukemia (AL); dependence on the immunological