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Juliana de O. Silva, Marcus V. Santana, Franciele A. Carneiro and Mara R. da Rocha

acquired resistance on reproduction of Meloidogyne javanica and Rotylenchulus reniformis in pineapple . Journal of Nematology 38 , 319 - 325 . Denancé , N. , Sánchez-Vallet , A. , Goffner , D. & Molina , A. ( 2013 ). Disease resistance or growth: the role of plant hormones in balancing

Amanda K. Hodson, Janina Milkereit, Gavin C. John, David A. Doll and Roger A. Duncan

Statistical Computing . Available online at . Ritz , K. , Black , H.I.J. , Campbell , C.D. , Harris , J.A. & Wood , C. ( 2009 ). Selecting biological indicators for monitoring soils: a framework for balancing scientific opinion to assist policy development

Yasinta Beda Nzogela, Sofie Landschoot, Ashura-Luzi Kihupi, Danny L. Coyne and Godelieve Gheysen

is hypothesised that under flooded conditions nematodes utilise their energy reserves in maintaining osmotic balance and by undirected movement, perhaps because the dilution of root exudates impairs host-finding (Win et al ., 2011, 2015; Cabasan et al ., 2018). Based on the current study, it can be

Débora Cristina Santiago, Giovani de Oliveira Arieira, Edinei de Almeida and Maria de Fátima Guimarães

Soil is a vital natural resource for the terrestrial ecosystem, acting as a balancing mechanism for physical, chemical and biological factors and providing a complex system inhabited by a community of organisms (Doran et al. , 1996). Hence, disturbances caused by changes in soil use in

Werner Mwageni, Vivian Blok, Andrew Daudi, George Bala, Keith Davies, Casper Netscher, Abdoussalam Sawadogo, Mark Phillips, Carmen Trivino, Simon Gowen, Joseph Madulu, Mireille Fargette, Thierry Mateille, Effie Voyoukallou and David Trudgill

natural infections, mutual selection produces a dynamic balance between the P. penetrans and the RKN whereby levels of infection are rarely suppressive. However, the introduction of an “exotic” isolate of P. penetrans, with a different attachment proŽ le, can disturb this balance, resulting in a greatly

Gregor Yeates

clearly carried through the balance of the volume. I was concerned to see Panagrellus redivivus placed in the Dorylaimida and attributed with a piercing and suck- © Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden, 2009 DOI:10.1163/138855409X412136 Also available online - 319 Book review ing type of

Valerie M. Williamson

of nematodes and their hosts is described. As a balance, ways in which expectations with this plant have failed or been inadequate are also included. How transcriptome and proteome studies of gene expression in non-model hosts have contributed to the interactions and the available resources and

Maria Célia Cordeiro, Regina Carneiro, Pedro Cirotto, Luiz de Mesquita, Maria Ritta Almeida and Fabiane Mota

, in natural infections, mu- tual selection produces a dynamic balance between P. pe- netrans and the root-knot nematode whereby levels of in- fection are rarely suppressive. However, the introduction of an exotic isolate of P. penetrans with a different at- tachment profile can disturb this balance

Lihong Qiu and Robin Bedding

incubation was compensated by weighing the total of  ask plus nematode suspension before and after each sampling then balancing with distilled water. The survival of IJ was judged by their mobility or response to a hair probe. The mean dry weight of IJ was estimated by accurately counting and Ž ltering 0

Roberta Poinar and George Poinar

other parts of the stream and will they eventually destroy the remaining population at the study area? Or has a balance been reached between the Nostoc , midge and mermithid at this particular site that has maintained them through some 50 years of recorded history and probably much longer? Because of