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Hans Waldenfels

Reading Laudato Si’ in the Verapaz

A Case of Localizing Catholic Teachings

Eric Hoenes del Pinal

overarching framework of the transnational Roman Catholic Church that they so strongly identify with. Balancing these two impulses is no mean task, as the intimate frame of the ethnographic encounter can easily give way to one that privileges the imperial extent of Roman Catholicism as a translocal

Daniel Woods

, balances, and steadies the person in the things of God” (565). Though King was fully and consistently a Wesleyan Pentecostal in his preaching and theological writings, his persistent call for spiritual sobriety and biblical balance led some contemporaries to refer to him as “the aristocrat of the

Phil Kallberg

revolution. It is a well written book that Ott makes more accessible by balancing the more academic aspects with a non-technical writing style. She uses a sound methodology of first introducing the moral and theological questions raised by an aspect of digital technology and then exploring the relevant data

II. Kleiner Beitrag „Religiöse Vielfalt – Herausforderungen Für Das Recht“

Kirchenrechtliche Fachtagung vom 15.–17. Februar 2016 zum Phänomen religiöser Pluralisierung und seinen Auswirkungen

Anna Elisabeth Meiers

und die damit verbundene unverkürzte und ohne falsche Zurückhaltung vollzogene Verkündigung des Evangeliums Voraussetzung für eine ernsthafte Auseinandersetzung mit anderen Religionen. Nur eine „Ehrlichkeit in Liebe“ (vgl. Eph 4,15) vermag die Balance zwischen der Polarität von Mission und Dialog zu

Wie Papst Franziskus Die Kurie Reformiert:

Der Kardinalsrat und die schrittweise Umsetzung

Ulrich Rhode

Santa Sede. Balance y perspectivas, in: IusCan 54 (2014) 221–251; ders., Comentario a la Carta Apostólica en forma de «Motu Proprio» del Sumo Pontífice Francisco. Transferencia de la sección ordinaria de la Administración del Patrimonio de la Sede Apostólica a la Secretaría de asuntos económicos, in

Nelson H. Minnich

States to seize control of papal cities along the Adriatic coast and to occupy territories in Romagna. The League’s system of a balance of powers collapsed when France entered the peninsula in 1494 to assert its claim to the Kingdom of Naples, but it was supplanted as ruler of the kingdom in 1503 by

Carmen–José Alejos

paz, en: R. Latourelle , Vaticano ii : balance y perspectivas. Veinticinco años después (1962–1987), Salamanca 1989, 1111–1119; J. Joblin , La iglesia y la guerra. Conciencia, violencia y poder, Barcelona 1990; R. La Valle , Concilio e pace, en: AScRel 9 (2004) 51–57; A. Galindo García , Paz y

Martha Frederiks

investigating whether the debate on multicultur- alism in Dutch society can benefi t from the expertise within the Christian tradition of balancing between diversity and unity. Keywords intercultural theology, multiculturalism, hybridity, ecumenism, diversity Introduction Sometime ago 1 a student sent me an

Stephen Dove

, unique form of liturgy through hymnody. Th e liturgical functions served by music at Azusa Street included selecting Scripture readings, ordering services, and providing theological balance. To make this case, the author surveys references to music, singing, and hymn writing in the offi cial publications