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Robert N. McCauley, George Graham and A. C. Reid

. (Careful scripting, of course, may well appeal to people with ASD .) Although they are not uncontroversial, implicit measures on balance are probably better means for gaining insight about participants’ intuitive understanding in any domain. The additional reason raises the third feature of interest about

David Bimler

number of languages in the WCS lexicalize red and yellow without needing to balance either BCT with its complement. Thus it is worth considering the possibility that we over-emphasize these color axes (that is, the phenomenal Hering axes; the importance of the physiological axes of color processing is

Kimberly Jameson

polarity and symmetry, which in this case at least, can be described as universal principles of cognitive organi- zation. Second, pressures to regularize and balance the spatial area of category partitions strive for an e ffi cient information code. Third, it allows for shared cultural agreement to serve the